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Spring DCEx Program Concludes with Distinguished Guest Lecturer James Voyles L’14 from the Department of Interior

Posted on Monday 5/7/2018
DC externship James Voyles

On April 23rd, the Spring 2018 DCEx Program concluded with a final seminar at the U.S. Department of Interior with Distinguished Guest Lecturer and alumnus James Voyles L’14. Voyles currently serves as Senior Counsel for the department where his portfolio consists of regulatory oversight in energy and national infrastructure projects. 

Voyles began the seminar with a brief tour of Secretary Ryan Zinke’s office. Students were able to walk around the secretary’s panoramic balcony and take in the inspiring views of the city as the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument were in clear view.

After the tour, students were able to sit with Voyles in the department leadership’s conference room where he discussed his successful path to the Department of Interior. Voyles offered encouraging advice as students continue to navigate the D.C. legal market for employment and recommended students continue to network every chance they have. Voyles attributed much of his success to relationships he developed with professors while attending the College of Law and to the master’s degree he earned simultaneously in New Media Management from Newhouse. He said the relationships forged with professors helped him understand the law on a deeper level and his skills developed through Newhouse prepared him to relay messages in a way that builds consensus today.