Syracuse Law Review and Professor Shubha Ghosh Host Symposium on “Forgotten IP Cases”

Posted on Thursday 4/27/2017
IP conference group shot

The Syracuse Law Review, along with Shubha Ghosh, Crandall Melvin Professor of Law and Director of the Technology Commercialization Law Program, hosted “Forgotten IP Cases”, a Syracuse Law Review symposium on April 22 in Washington, D.C.

“The symposium featured seven prominent intellectual property professors presenting on forgotten, yet relevant cases,” said Ghosh. “Cases to be discussed include a split Supreme Court decision about Jack Benny’s parody of the movie Gaslight; a late nineteenth-century case involving antitrust actions brought against a large corporation with patents on harrows; the US government’s failure to recognize patents for inventions by slaves; a copyright infringement case involving maps of NYC and Philly and another one involving the now cliché of a villain tying a helpless person to railroad tracks; and several more that take us back to consider paths not taken by judges and Congress. ”

This coming year, Syracuse Law Review will publish a book focusing on intellectual property law.

Presenters included:

Bruce Boyden, Associate Professor of Law, Marquette Law School, on Palmer v. Daly

Robert Brauneis, Professor of Law and Co-director of the Intellectual Property Law Program, George Washington Law School, on CBS v. Loew’s

Sam Ernst, Associate Professor, Chapman Law School, on Boyden v. Westinghouse

Brian Frye, Associate Professor of Law, University of Kentucky Law School, on In re Invention of a Slave

Jessica Kiser, Assistant Professor of Law, Gonzaga Law School, on Wallpaper Manufacturers v. Crown

Amelia Rinehart, Associate Dean Faculty Research and Development, Professor, University of Utah Law School, on Bement v. Harrow

Zvi Rosen, U.S. Copyright Office, on Perris v. Hexamer