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Syracuse University, Le Moyne College Announce New Academic Partnership, Will Build on Longstanding Relationship

Posted on Friday 3/24/2017
A classroom in the College of Law

Syracuse University and Le Moyne College announced a new academic partnership that will build on a longstanding relationship. The new partnership will establish two new initiatives and will support the future development of existing academic relationships between Syracuse University and Le Moyne College. Following several months of productive conversations, the two Central New York institutions have agreed upon a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will help enhance research and educational opportunities at both Syracuse University and Le Moyne College to the benefit of the institutions’ respective student bodies, faculties and staffs.

The new partnership will focus on harnessing the potential of two distinctive areas of study by creating innovative collaborations. Expanded specializations and course offerings in information management and information systems will soon be available to prospective graduate students. These offerings will leverage the expertise contained within Syracuse’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) and Le Moyne’s Madden School of Business. The other new initiative will support an early admission program to Syracuse’s College of Law for extraordinary Le Moyne undergraduate students interested in pursuing a high-caliber legal education.

“This new partnership will benefit students and faculty at both Syracuse University and Le Moyne College,” says Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud. “Both institutions share a strong commitment to teaching, academic excellence and research. I look forward to the successful partnership moving forward.”

"These academic partnerships leverage the individual strengths of both Le Moyne College and Syracuse University, as we continue our ongoing collaboration on initiatives that will benefit current and future students," said Le Moyne College President Linda LeMura. "Both institutions are currently working on additional pathways for collaboration, particularly within the realm of arts and sciences. The future landscape of higher education in the state of New York and 

beyond will be clearly influenced by partnerships like these.” 

Joint Modular Curriculum Exchange in Information Management and Information Systems

Currently under development is an expansion of curriculum offerings that allows students in Le Moyne’s Madden School to benefit from the expertise of Syracuse faculty in the areas of data science and information security management, and for students from Syracuse to benefit from Le Moyne’s expertise in health information systems and enterprise systems. 

This fusion of complementary curricular offerings from both institutions will introduce outstanding students to graduate programs that prepare them for careers in high-demand fields. The joint curriculum options will empower students to identify personalized pathways that allow them to create and complete their own customized degree using plug and play modules of coursework for each institution. These modules include Certificates of Advanced Study in specialty areas such as information security management (Syracuse); data science (Syracuse); enterprise systems (Le Moyne); and health information systems (Le Moyne). The first students could begin exchanging curriculum modules in the fall of 2017.

“Information technology is a rapidly growing industry with great career and growth opportunities for well-educated college graduates,” says Rev. Joseph G. Marina, S.J., provost and vice president for academic affairs at Le Moyne. “There is great demand in our global society for young talented professionals, whose educational experience combines the business and technical sides of information technology. This partnership is a natural fit and I look forward to hearing feedback from both our faculty and students who will be early participants of this new program.”

Early Admission for Le Moyne Students to Syracuse College of Law

As the legal education field continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of the 21st century global economy, the new partnership between Syracuse’s College of Law and Le Moyne College is poised to prepare the next generation of legal minds for successful careers in practice and academia. The new program, known in higher education as a 3+3, will allow high-achieving Le Moyne undergraduates to complete both their undergraduate degrees and their juris doctor (J.D.) degrees in six years. 

“This partnership will allow Syracuse’s College of Law to attract undergraduate students whose academic excellence positions them for great success in law school,” Michele G. Wheatly, Syracuse’s vice chancellor and provost. “It will also encourage Le Moyne students to pursue a legal education here at Syracuse, where our rigorous and innovative curriculum prepares them for career success in the legal industry. This partnership is a win-win for Syracuse and Le Moyne, but, more importantly, an excellent and rare opportunity for Le Moyne students to have a jump start on achieving a legal education.”

Building on Longstanding Partnership

These two new initiatives build on a longstanding and fruitful relationship between Syracuse University and Le Moyne College. A number of previously launched initiatives remain in effect today. Among those initiatives are: 

• A Fast Track program between Syracuse’s iSchool and Le Moyne College that allows students to earn an accelerated master’s degree – in information management or library and information science – by beginning their graduate coursework their senior year. 

• A 4+1 forensic sciences program between Syracuse’s College of Arts and Sciences and Le Moyne College, which allows Le Moyne students to begin their graduate coursework in forensic sciences while still completing their undergraduate degree. 

• Integrated study abroad programs that support travel abroad opportunities for both Syracuse and Le Moyne students. 

• A partnership between Syracuse’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and Le Moyne College that enables Le Moyne College to offer pre-engineering programs to their math and science domestic undergraduates. The partnership enables Syracuse to enroll talented domestic graduate students. 

Le Moyne students interested in pursuing either of these unique academic experiences are encouraged to contact their advisor in the College's Office of Academic Advising and Support.