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DCEx Students Gain Insight into the World of Private Data Security

Posted on Wednesday 2/15/2017

The D.C. Externship Program had the opportunity to hear from Distinguished Guest Lecturer Kurt Wimmer L’85 who is a senior partner at Covington & Burling. 

Wimmer spoke to the participants about his path from Syracuse University College of Law to Covington and how his experiences in law school and beyond shaped his career. Not only did he give the participants great career advice, he also spoke about his work in data security.

While at Covington, Wimmer had the foresight to recognize that the field of cybersecurity was becoming increasingly important. By recognizing it early on, he was able to help his clients get a head start on cybersecurity. Unintentional disclosure prevention and containment became Wimmer’s focus. With a client list that includes Facebook, The National Football League, the National Hockey League, Microsoft, Samsung, and CBS, Wimmer has become a leader in the field of data security.