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"The Problem with Civility;" Keith J. Bybee Speaks to NPR's On the Media

Posted on Monday 7/2/2018
Keith Bybee

(On the Media | June 29, 2018) The idea that our societal norms are on the verge of destruction has been in vogue ever since the 2016 election. But in the context of history, that’s normal, especially when the codes of civility that safeguard them seem to be continually battered by culture and politics. 

World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, jazz, rock and roll, the Vietnam War, alienation and the internet—according to Keith Bybee, author of How Civility Works, every generation of Americans has found a reason to bemoan the end of courtesy and respect. He and Brooke talk about how good manners can be a tool of oppression and why our current discussion of civility suffer from a series of timeless tropes and misunderstandings.

Listen to the segment.