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WAER Interviews Professor Jenny Breen About CNY Ballot Measures

Posted on Wednesday 10/20/2021
Jenny Breen

CNY Voters To Weigh In On Voting, Election Proposals This November

(WAER | Oct. 15, 2021) Voters in Central New York will see more than just candidates for local office on the ballot this year. There are also five statewide ballot proposals to amend the state constitution.  WAER News a closer look at the three proposals tied to voting and elections.

The first proposal has multiple parts to it. Some are pretty innocuous: capping the number of state senators, counting incarcerated people at their last residence for congressional races, and requiring non-citizens and Native Americans to be included in the state’s total population count.

But then there's the part about amending the redistricting process. Jenny Breen is Associate Professor of Law at Syracuse University. She says it can be a lot to digest.

“By throwing it all in there, they’re asking you to vote on a lot of things in one proposal,” Breen said.

That's even if you don’t know much about, understand, or agree with the most substantial one. Breen says the reapportionment amendment reduces legislative vote thresholds for approving the redrawn maps, making it a less bipartisan process.

"By removing those higher vote thresholds, it’s going to be easier for a single party to shove through the process. However, that is irrelevant right now because the democrats have supermajorities, and they could surpass even the higher threshold. But it’s really more something down the road" ...

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