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WRVO Interviews Professor Mary Szto About Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

Posted on Friday 5/14/2021
Mary Szto

Increase in violence hits close to home for Asian Americans in CNY

(WRVO | May 13, 2021) ... Syracuse University College of Law professor Mary Szto said the recent rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans is part of a pattern dating back to the 19th century. 

"Unfortunately, almost as soon they started to arrive in larger numbers, they were mistreated, they were murdered, they were blamed for economic downturns and for disease, so we're basically re-living what happened in the 1800s," said Szto.

Professor Szto said to break the cycle, there has to be a reckoning on many levels. First, she would like to see an apology from the government regarding past mistreatment of Asian Americans. Also, she said the government, schools, religious institutions, and families need to develop a unified message that discrimination is not acceptable. 

"The taunting that people do as children has turned into verbal assaults that we see during the pandemic. We see video clips of adults harassing Asians in restaurants and saying 'go back to where you came from. You don't belong here. You brought the virus here,'" said Szto ...

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