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WSYR News Profiles Father-Daughter Duo Scott and Lauren Deutsch

Posted on Thursday 11/19/2020
Scott and Lauren Deutsch

Father-daughter duo tackles law school together at Syracuse University

(WSYR | Nov. 18, 2020) It’s not unusual for someone to attend the same school as their parent or even study the same degree, but how about doing all of that at the exact same time?

It’s been the reality for one father-daughter duo taking on Syracuse University’s College of Law together.

“It’s not embarrassing to go to school with your parent,” said Lauren Deutsch.

For Lauren and her father, Scott, it’s actually pretty cool.

Scott always wanted to go to law school, but after years in the military, his dream faded. That is until he found the JDinteractive (JDi) program at Syracuse University, a fully online law degree program.

“It was a perfect opportunity to accomplish a very old goal,” said Scott ...

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Scott and Lauren Deutsch
Scott and Lauren Deutsch