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Common J.D. Fears (That You Don't Have to Worry About Here)

Wednesday 5/17/2017

Are you worried about...

...focusing on your grades and your job search?

At Syracuse Law, we understand that it takes some time to transition to law school. While 1Ls are invited—and encouraged—to attendcareer services programming, you aren’t expected to come and meet one-on-one with a counselor until October, giving you time to settle in and breathe a bit. Our resume workshops and other programs will ensure that you are prepared (but not stressed) by the added work of a job search.

 ...not being able to keep up with the coursework?

First off, give yourself some credit! Due to the fact that you've at least considered law school, it's safe to assume that you're a hard-working, diligent student with goals. You probably won't let yourself fall behind, but if it's really a concern of yours, know this: you'll have support here. Our faculty is extremely approachable and dedicated to student success. You'll find that your peers here are always up for collaboration, study groups, and keeping each other on track. On top of all this, a quick look at the academic support section on our website should calm your fear in seconds. As you'll see, you'd be automatically assigned to a tutor during your first few weeks here, and you can take academic skills development sessions that focus on note-taking, outlining, stress management, and more.

 ...the exams?

Yes, midterms and finals are still a thing when you go to graduate school. But think about it this way: you'll now be taking tests on subject matters you're really interested in. And once again, you won't be going at this alone! Syracuse Law offers an incredible professonal development program called Orange SLICE, which holds classes for 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls on topics like "strategies for midterm success" and "how to use your midterm results to prepare for your finals." Take advantage of these classes, and worrying about exams will become a thing of the past. Plus, you'll meet other students just like you who really want to do well. 

 ...not knowing if you should pursue a joint degree?

Nothing to worry about here either. While you can apply for joint degree candidacy before starting, most Syracuse Law students apply during their first year of law study. So if you're thinking about it after you start your classes, our career counselors can help you determine if getting an M.S. in, say, Forensic Science or International Relations would better prepare you for your intended career path. And if you decide that's the route you'd like to take, you can go ahead and apply. We have lots of options

Feel better? Good! Still want some information on getting ready for law school? Check out our complimentary ebook, which is full of tips and advice on how to develop your professional image beforehand.

Download Preparing for Law School[PDF]

A group of students meet.
A group of students meet.