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Five Reasons Why Students Go To Law School

Thursday 9/22/2016

Since our founding in 1895, we've provided more than 9,000 students with an outstanding legal education that paves the way for success in the legal field and beyond. Over the years, we've found that our students' decision to pursue a law degree usually stems from one or more of the five factors listed below. If you've been considering law school, do any of these sound familiar?

1. Professional communication skills. In weighing the value of a J.D., you may have already realized that polished communication skills, such as effective writing, speaking, negotiating, and researching are sought after by employers across all platforms. Simply put, the right legal education can equip you with the intellectual and professional skills you need to excel in the legal field and in many other professional arenas.

2. Broad range of opportunities. If it isn't the range of acquirable skills that attracts you to a J.D., it may be the broad spectrum of career paths. From reviewing patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, to advocating for statutory and policy changes for the Center for Immigration Studies, to serving as a consultant for a major healthcare corporation, a J.D. can open up doors you may have never imagined. (Not to mention, Syracuse Law's joint degree option allows you to earn your law degree in conjunction with a master's.)

3. Solving problems. Law students learn to act and write with purpose. While the main focus of study for a law degree involves case law, those who earn a J.D. learn to strategize, to use the facts to make an argument, to act with conviction, and to consider all outcomes. Lawyers are problem solvers and a J.D. gives you the skills to act quickly, accurately, effectively, and with a purpose.

4. Professional fulfillment. Law students are often inspired by the thought of bringing real change and impact to their communities, their fields of study, or their future clients. Whether you're serving as a mentor for the Law Department's Summer Honors Interns (like Angela Cruz L'06), or are working to identify a responsible approach to water resource issues in the Colorado River basin (like Kristoffer Kiefer L'05), your career has the potential to be exceptionally gratifying.

5. Wanting to be a lawyer. If you've dreamed of a legal career, then law school seems like the obvious answer. And at Syracuse Law, you'll be backed by a network of alumni who know what it takes to succeed, and know that the value of a law degree can exceed even your highest expectations. "I want to be a lawyer" is the answer we hear most often from our students, and our team of faculty, administrators, and alumni is here to assist in making that goal a reality.

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Law students enter Dineen Hall.
Law students enter Dineen Hall.