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Q & A Session with 2L Brittany Charles: Law in London

Thursday 3/30/2017
London scene with Big Ben

​Think studying abroad in the summer is only for undergraduate students? Think again. Syracuse University College of Law offers a Law in London program that is open to any 1L’s and 2L’s in good academic standing (full-time or part-time) from an ABA-approved law school. This program provides 6 credits towards a student’s J.D. degree as well as an externship placement in London. We sat down with current 2L student, Brittany Charles, to learn more about her experience in the Law in London Program.

Law in London - SU COL

Why I chose Syracuse Law:

I chose Syracuse Law for the diverse opportunities that it offered students. I had worked in the field of law for four years prior to law school and I knew that I wanted to incorporate additional experience that differed from my previous experience into my legal education. I was also very interested in international law and gaining professional
experience abroad. Programs such as Law in London offered me the opportunity to do both, that really made Syracuse Law stand out for me.

How law school has been so far:

Attending Syracuse Law has been an extremely challenging and rewarding experience for me. My professional interests typically differed from other law students, however, I had met numerous faculty members that became personally invested in my success. The fact that I had such dedicated professors motivated me to pursue my goals and exponentially improved my experience.

About my time participating in the Law in London program:

My internship at Henderson Chambers with Peter Susman, Q.C. trained me to analyze legal, business and contractual issues, devise solutions for those issues and communicate those solutions to a diverse audience. I gained invaluable professional experience handling matters involving property, IT, technology, contractual, tort and employment/labor law across the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States. Furthermore, Mr. Susman was adamant that I gained other professional skill sets for the field of law and encouraged my participation in trial advocacy competitions and meetings with clients, as well as professional networking events hosted by
Henderson Chambers. My time in London was the foundation of my professional legal career as an attorney in my opinion.

My favorite aspect of the Law in London program was:

My favorite aspect of the Law in London program was that not only did I have an internship that allowed me to develop professional skills, I also gained an invaluable professional network. Mr. Susman has mentored for over 25 years and he takes the professional career of his interns very seriously. He allowed me to work with other barristers, interact with their clients and attend networking events. He really encouraged me to spend my time in London meeting professionals and learning to interact with them. As a result, I’ve stayed in contact with almost every professional that I met in London and I’ve have had contacts notify me of professional opportunities or introduce me to individuals here in the states. It’s incredible the amount of professionals that have taken a personal interest in my career.

How this experience will help me going forward:

In my opinion, this experience isn’t just going to help me going forward, this experience was the starting point of
my career in the technological industry. I’ve had several interviews since the experience and every employer has asked me about my work in Henderson Chambers. This experience has made me a much more marketable and competitive candidate overall.

What I hope to do after graduation:

Recently I’ve accepted two internship opportunities, one in the spring and the other in summer, within the tech industry. Ideally, after graduation I would work for a multinational tech company in-house or as a consultant handling regulatory and compliance, government relations, or contractual matters. However, I have a passion for languages, policy and technology so any career that would allow me to demonstrate these passions would interest me. 

My advice for prospective students:

Every time you walk into Syracuse Law, take a second to realize that your time as a law student is much bigger than the walls of Dineen Hall. It’s very easy to become wrapped up in your classes and organizations, however, the law field is being revolutionized. The classes you take, the opportunities you choose and the professors you develop professional relationships with will impact your professional career, so take opportunities like Law in London to distinguish yourself professionally. The goal of law school is to be an attorney and be capable of advocating on behalf of others, not to become a professional law student.

Contact me anytime:

Feel free to contact me at bmcharle@syr.edu