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Technology Commercialization Law Program: Real Experience from Lab to Market

Tuesday 2/16/2016
The Technology Commercialization Law Program team.

A quick look at the advertisements that aired during last week’s Super Bowl shows that hi-tech innovations predominate; Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, Fitbit’s activity-tracking watch, and other Silicon Valley inventions took the spotlight. Here at Syracuse Law, the Technology Commercialization Law Program (TCLP) prepares students for careers protecting intellectual property in an age when innovation is vital to commercial success.

2015 marked the 25th anniversary of TCLP’s establishment, and in its two and a half decades serving clients and students, it has established itself as an important leader among legal educators offering experiential learning in this niche field. With over 350 alumni of the program, new graduates find themselves in a great position to network upon completing their degrees at Syracuse Law. At the same time, the intimacy of the program allows for students to deal directly with the clients seeking to commercialize new technology that reach out to Syracuse Law for its expertise.

According to its newly appointed director, Dr. Shubha Ghosh, “TCLP has an educational mission to give students knowledge and practical experience in intellectual property and technology law. By working with practitioners and teachers in these fields, students interact as professionals with actual companies that are seeking to market and develop their inventions.”

Syracuse Law’s strong academic reputation, along with its partnership with Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) allows TCLP to provide excellent opportunities for its students and for the Central New York business community. New York State grants extend summer employment to TCLP students, providing real-world experiences and important talking points when they begin interviews upon graduation.

For more information on TCLP, please visit the website: http://nysstlc.syr.edu/tclp