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One Piece of Advice Prelaw Students Should Always Follow

Friday 10/21/2016

Of all the words of wisdom you receive during your prelaw studies from everyone including your trusted teachers and your parents—such as join a study group, sleep well, take your vitamins—there’s one tip we at Syracuse Law wholeheartedly stand by…

Polish your writing skills.


How To Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

Wednesday 10/12/2016

​Obtaining a copy of your college transcript? Easy. Penning a profound personal statement? A bit more difficult…or so you might think.


Five Reasons Why Students Go To Law School

Thursday 9/22/2016

Since our founding in 1895, we’ve provided more than 9,000 students with an outstanding legal education that paves the way for success in the legal field and beyond. Over the years, we’ve found that our students’ decision to pursue a law degree usually stems from one or more of the five factors listed below.


All About Your Letters Of Recommendation

Tuesday 9/20/2016

At this point in the application process, you’re likely thinking about references—who to ask, what they should say, and so on—so that’s exactly what we’re writing about today. Think of these letters as verification of what you’ve accomplished, summaries of your intrinsic talents, and endorsements of your educational excellence. In other words, letters of recommendation count.


The Value of Syracuse Law (Infographic)

Friday 4/29/2016

What exactly comes with a Syracuse Law education? And why is it so valuable? Whether you’re an accepted student, prospective student, or currently just considering law school, you probably want those answers as hard cold facts. So we put together an infographic. Check it out…


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