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Four Ways To Make Your Application More Competitive

Tuesday 1/24/2017

For the next few months, Admissions offices across the country will be inundated with law school applications. Will yours stand out? To give you a range of ideas to help it do just that, we rounded up quick tips from a variety of experts who know a thing or two about admissions and law school. Take a look…


Want a J.D. and a Masters? Here’s How to Manage a Joint Degree

Monday 11/28/2016

Sure, getting a J.D. and a Master’s degree sounds fantastic, but ‘fess up: it sounds a little intimidating, too, right? We get asked a lot about what it’s like to get a joint degree (and if those students ever sleep), so for those of you interested in doubling up, read on.


Five Tips To Prepare for The LSAT

Monday 11/14/2016

If you’re at the forefront of your legal journey, you might be wondering how to best prepare for the notorious Law School Admission Test, better known as the LSAT. What differentiates this test from other standardized tests is that the LSAT doesn’t quiz what you’ve already learned, but rather projects your ability to do well in law school.


One Piece of Advice Prelaw Students Should Always Follow

Friday 10/21/2016

Of all the words of wisdom you receive during your prelaw studies from everyone including your trusted teachers and your parents—such as join a study group, sleep well, take your vitamins—there’s one tip we at Syracuse Law wholeheartedly stand by…

Polish your writing skills.


How To Make Your Personal Statement Stand Out

Wednesday 10/12/2016

​Obtaining a copy of your college transcript? Easy. Penning a profound personal statement? A bit more difficult…or so you might think.


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