Orientation Information for Students


All students should dress in professional attire for the formal opening ceremony and reception on Monday evening from 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm.
When you arrive for Orientation registration beginning at 11:30 a.m., you will have the opportunity to have your head shot photo taken for your professional use. Please arrive dressed for your photo and the convocation ceremony.
Women; dress or professional suit and Men; suit or a sport coat and tie. There will also be a class photo taken immediately following the convocation ceremony.

Families are welcome to attend the opening convocation ceremony and have received an emailed invitation detailing these events. Seating for family members during the convocation ceremony will be in the Levy Atrium. A reception on the ground floor of Dineen Hall will directly follow the ceremony.

Please plan to dress in business casual attire on Tuesday morning for the Alumni Break-Out Sessions, as this is an opportunity for you to meet in small groups with some of Syracuse Law’s most distinguished alumni. 
Women; dress, skirt or dress-pants and blouse and Men; dress shirt and pants. 

After the Alumni Break-Out sessions, you will be sitting in the ceremonial courtroom (auditorium) for the remainder of the day, so you may wish to put a change of clothes/shoes in your locker to quickly change in to.

Comfortable attire is suggested for Wednesday.

Comfortable attire is suggested for Thursday. 

At Registration, you will be given a Class of 2020 T-shirt that you will wear for the Community Service Project on Friday.  You will be working outdoors cleaning the streets of Syracuse, NY and will get dirty, so please plan to wear old pants/shorts and shoes. Your mentors will give you more details prior to the community service project!


Monday – A reception with light snacks and beverages will immediately follow the formal Opening Convocation Ceremony at 5:30pm at Dineen Hall.

Tuesday –  The College of Law will be providing lunch on this day - you will be meeting with Orientation leaders. The College of Law will also host a picnic dinner on Tuesday evening from 4:00 - 5:30 pm at Dineen Hall.

Wednesday – Lunch on Wednesday will be on your own with your Orientation Leader.

Thursday – The College of Law will host a buffet style lunch with Faculty and Professional Staff on Thursday. 

Friday - A Grab-N-Go lunch will be provided for you at the College of Law at the completion of your community service project.


• Lock for locker – you will be given your locker number when you arrive for registration.  Please remember to bring your own lock to be ready to use your locker on the first day.  

• Laptop – you will need to bring your laptop to check in with IT Services if you are having any issues accessing the College of Law network.

• Bag for books – pre-purchased books will be ready for pick up on Tuesday, August 16th.  Remember to bring a back pack/bag with you to help carry these books if you prefer this over the box that they will be packaged in.

**Please note - you will receive your fall course schedule when you arrive for Orientation on August 14th. You will not have a need to obtain your schedule any earlier than the 14th.  If you have submitted your head shot photo, your Syracuse University ID card will also be in your Orientation registration packet when you arrive.  You will not be able to obtain this ID card any earlier than August 14th. If you do not receive your ID card in your Orientation packet, you will have time to go to Steele Hall during any free time in the Orientation week to have one made.  Your ID card is your key to Dineen Hall.