Safety on Campus

At Syracuse University, our Department of Public Safety is committed to maintain a safe and secure learning and living environment for all members of the community. Please see some of the resources below that Public Safety has implemented to ensure safety on campus.

‚ÄčLiveSafe Mobile App - LiveSafe is designed to offer direct connectivity with the DPS emergency dispatch center from users' cell phones. The app acts as a "mobile blue light" integrating GPS location information when users contact the emergency dispatch center. It also features a function called "SafeWalk" that permits users to virtually share their location with friends as they walk to a destination.

Safety Escorts - When busses are not available (generally from 3:00am-6:30am), DPS staff will provide a walking or riding safety escort to SU students, faculty, and staff from on-campus or near-campus locations to another on-campus location.

Blue Lights - The Blue Light System is a series of emergency alarm stations strategically located throughout the campus to provide assistance to anyone in distress. When you press the alarm button, you can communicate directly with the communications center at DPS.

Department of Public Safety Website