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Reciprocity Request Form

ReciprocityReciprocity AgreementReciprocity Request Form
Important Information about Reciprocity:

• Not all schools grant reciprocity.
• Reciprocity is not available from August 1 through November 15 at any outside law school.

• All requests for reciprocity must be made in writing to Professional & Career Development at least three weeks in       
  advance of the intended visit. Written confirmation of reciprocity from the law school granting these privileges must be 
  received prior to the intended visit. "Walk-in" requests will not be honored by the other schools.
• Because reciprocity is a limited resource, you may only establish reciprocity at one school per year in any city or 
  geographic area.

• Prior to submitting your request, we suggest that you review the other law schools' posted reciprocity guidelines on the NALP website to help you to decide which school to pursue reciprocity with.

• A number of law schools, especially in geographic areas where demand is high, do not offer reciprocal career services.

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