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Do You Remember? Help Us Caption Our Mystery Photos!

The College of Law’s photo archive is a fascinating visual history of your alma mater, full of nostalgia, anecdotes— and a few mysteries. 

That is, some of our prints and slides lack information or captions.

That's where you come in. In this feature, we challenge you to help us recall the people and scenes in our mystery photos of the past.

This time, we print one of several classroom photos in the archive with no identifying information whatsoever. If you know when this photo was taken, what class is pictured, or any of the people in the photo, please email Director of Alumni Relations Kristen Duggleby at klduggle@law.syr.edu, and we'll publish what we discover in a future issue.

Classroom Photo
Mystery Classroom Photo

Thank you to alumni who helped solve the mystery photo in the 2019 Yearbook!

Students at the Carrier Dome
Students at the Carrier Dome

The photo on p56 of the 2019 Yearbook jogged the memories of a few of our readers.

Anne (Griffin) Paxton L’88 writes, “I graduated in 1988 with these four gentlemen, and I married one of them. They are Larry Barsky, Ken Hayman, John Ingrassia, and Mike Paxton. The photo was taken in fall 1987 at a basketball game. I married Mike in 1992, and we often visit the campus. We loved our time in Syracuse and miss going to games. It is definitely Penny Gray in the photo. We shared a locker in our first year.”

Ken Hayman L’88 confirmed he was in the photo: “I was pleasantly flabbergasted to see the photo. From left to right is my former roommate Larry, yours truly (with hair back in the day), John, and good friend Mike wearing the SU hat. Penny is above John and me. We are definitely at a basketball game, but which game is beyond my memory. What an incredible blast from the past!”

Helping further solve the mystery, Warren Hare L’88 adds: “I graduated in 1988 and helped Andrew Gould (now deceased) with the Yearbook for the 1986 grads. I may have taken that photo, and it may be my scrawl on the back!”