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College of Law News

Professors Banks and Driesen Publish on "Implied Presidential and Congressional Powers"

Tuesday 10/6/2020

A significant question of constitutional law has received a lot of attention lately—whether the Department of Justice may indict a sitting President ...

William Banks and David Driesen

Professor Doron Dorfman Reweighs Medical Civil Rights in Stanford Law Review

Tuesday 10/6/2020

Civil rights law is at a crossroads. It’s tough to find vindication for injustice claims in the courts. Scholars and advocates are looking elsewhere for legal paradigms that will help provide relief.

Doron Dorfman

Professor Shubha Ghosh Reviews the "Territorial Discrepancy" of Intellectual Property Rights

Tuesday 9/22/2020

Intellectual property rights are territorial. Infringement claims—of unauthorized copying, making, selling, using—involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets are extraterritorial ...

Shubha Ghosh

Professor Mark Nevitt Discusses Climate-Related Disasters & Managed Retreat

Thursday 9/17/2020

Mark Nevitt, associate professor of law at Syracuse University and a former legal counsel with the Department of Defense Regional Environmental Counsel in Norfolk, Virginia, explores how managed retreat ahead of likely disaster is itself a key climate adaptation strategy ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Shubha Ghosh to Present Paper on Copyright in Legal Materials at NFOIC Summit

Tuesday 9/15/2020

Professor Shubha Ghosh’s paper “Liberating Government’s Materials: Removing Copyright Obstacles to Transparency” was a winning paper in a recent National Freedom of Information Summit Coalition (NFOIC) competition. Ghosh will present his work during the NFOIC virtual summit on Sept. 30, 2020, at 5 p.m.

Shubha Ghosh

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