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College of Law News

Professor Shubha Ghosh Explores Genetic Patents in "Myriad, Post-Myriad"

Monday 3/2/2020

The US Supreme Court’s 2013 decision, holding patent claims to isolated, endogenous deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences to be invalid, seemed to have limited negative impact on Myriad Genetics, whose patent on the isolated BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes were at the heart of the case ...

Shubha Ghosh

Professor Doron Dorfman Explores the "Fear of the Disability Con" in Law & Society Review

Wednesday 1/8/2020

Professor Doron Dorfman presents a new framework for analyzing the development and implementation of disability law and policy: the prism of the “fear of the disability con”—popular perceptions of fraud and fakery ...

Doron Dorfman

Professor Antonio Gidi Publishes on "Incorporation by Reference"

Tuesday 10/22/2019

American lawyers mechanically introduce each count in a pleading with the talismanic clause of “repeat and reallege” everything said before. This is a useless recitation, cluttering complaints, answers, and indictments. It has no purpose, makes no sense, and is not used in any other legal system ...

Antonio Gidi

Professor William C. Banks Publishes on "Hybrid Threats, Terrorism, and Resilience Planning"

Tuesday 9/17/2019

We live in an inter-connected, inter-dependent world, not only in digital spaces, but increasingly between the physical and digital worlds ...

William C. Banks

Professor Michael Schwartz Publishes Article on Health Care for Deaf People in Northern Ireland

Wednesday 7/17/2019

A Fulbright scholar at Queen’s University Belfast in 2015, Schwartz conducted a study of deaf people’s access to Northern Ireland’s health care system. His study, confirmed over several subsequent visits to Northern Ireland, suggests that work needs to be done to fully effectuate Northern Ireland’s compliance with the UNCRPD ...

Michael Schwartz

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