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College of Law News

Professor William C. Banks' Research on "Cyber Attribution" Published in International Law Studies

Thursday 7/29/2021

“A viable cyber attribution regime is a missing but key component for States to overcome the Wild West cyber environment that we live in.”

William C. Banks

Professor Mark Nevitt Publishes "Is Climate Change a Threat to International Peace and Security?"

Wednesday 7/14/2021

The climate-security century is here, writes Professor Mark Nevitt. Both the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the US Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA) recently sounded the alarm on climate change’s “super-wicked” and destabilizing security impacts ...

Mark P. Nevitt

HJOL Publishes Professor Nina Kohn's "Legislating Supported Decision-Making"

Friday 7/9/2021

Supported decision-making is a process by which individuals who might otherwise be unable to make their own decisions do so with help from others ...

Nina Kohn

Professor David Driesen's New Book Analyzes "The Specter of Dictatorship"

Friday 7/2/2021

In The Specter of Dictatorship, University Professor David Driesen analyzes the chief executive’s role in the democratic decline of Hungary, Poland, and Turkey and argues that an insufficiently constrained presidency is one of the most important systemic threats to democracy.

The Specter of Dictatorship

Professor Shubha Ghosh Addresses "Universities as Engines of Development"

Tuesday 6/29/2021

Professor Shubha Ghosh addresses the question of how universities can serve as engines of development. Drawing on Cooter and Shaeffer’s work on law and development, specifically what they call the double trust problem, this article shows how the Bayh–Dole Act was justified as resolving the double trust problem arising from lack of property rights in university research.

Shubha Ghosh

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