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Past Issue

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Contents of Prior Issues 
Volume 17
Dean Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Anthony A. Marrone II, Managing Editor; Craig M. Swiecki, Associate Managing Editor
  • James Charles Smith, Restrictions on Freedom of Expression Imposed by Servitudes
  •  Karen Morrow, European Union Habitat Conservation Activities and Individual Property Rights: Law and the Meaning of LIFE
  •  2009 Case Comments:
    • Ashley Brickles, Pennsylvania v. Dunlap: Just Another Day in the Office... According to Whom?
    •  Sam Davis, Plains Commerce Bank v. Long Family Land & Cattle Co., Inc.: A Shift to Tribal Sovereignty Rights Over Commerce on Tribal Lands 
    •  Michelle Pomerantz, James LaRue v. DeWolff, Boberg, & Associates: Changing the Understanding & Application of ERISA for the 21st Century 
    •  David Wagner,  The Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific Atlanta, Inc. Aftermath: Reliance, Recession and Politics 
Volume 16
Dean Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Cosimo A. Zavaglia, Managing Editor; Andrew J. Mayo, Associate Managing Editor
  • Edward J. Maggio, Anti-Semitism in Criminal Courts: The Case of the Rhodes Blood Libel 
  • Michael R. Gaico, Filling the Hedge Fund Regulatory Black Hole: What’s Next After Goldstein v. SEC?
  • Cosimo A. Zavaglia, The Current REIT Market: Evaluating a REIT’s Investment Potential
  • 2008 Case Comments:
    • Anthony H. Rapa, A More Level Playing Field: Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations v. City of New York
    • Myriam Clerge, Balancing Punitive Damages and Due Process: Philip Morris USA v.
Volume 15

Dean Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; William R. Di Iorio, Managing Editor; Rachel A. Stanley, Associate Managing Editor

  • Nicholas R. Farnolo, Defamation.Blogspot.Com: Why the Broad Immunity of 47 U.S.C. § 230 Cannot Be Applied to Blogs
  • Elton T. Fukumoto, Justice Scalia’s Theory of Constitutional Interpretation: Another Form of Pragmatism?
  • Sarah Grossman, SEC: Stay Out of the Hedges
  • 2007 Case Comments:
    • John Bednarz, eBay v. MercExchange: Are State Street's Days Numbered
    • Nicholas Birck, Buckeye Check Cashing, Inc. v. Cardegna: Congressional Policy Favoring Arbitration Remains the Law of the Land
    • Andrea Ferro, Georgia v. Randolph: Warrantless Search and Seizure and Its Impact on Domestic Violence
    • Andrew Mayo, Merril Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. v. Dabit: Limiting Forum Selection for Securities Fraud Class Action Lawsuits
    • Leili Moghari, Rice v. Collins: Reviewing Premptory Challenges

Volume 14

Dean Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Amy L. Ferreira, Managing Editor; Meghan T. MacBlane, Associate Managing Editor

  • Edward J. Maggio, An Infamous Legal Treatise: An Examination of the Malleus Maleficarum and Its Effects on the Prosecution of Witches in Europe
  • Mark A. Correro, The Lopez/Morrison Limitation on the Commerce Clause-Fact or Fiction
  • Lois Galluzzo, Grabbing When They Leave: Employers Who Fire, Then “Bargain” for Non-Compete Clauses
  • Alessandro Barzaghi, Incorporation of a Limited Liability Company in Italy
  • 2006 Case Comments:
    • Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education: Score One for Equality  - Angela Asmussen
    • Tenet v. Doe: Procedural Due Process Rights Under the Totten Doctrine - Stephanie Bryant
    • Van Orden v. Perry: The Establishment Clause and an Inconsistent Supreme Court  - William Di Iorio

Volume 13

Dean Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Todd J. DeSimone, Managing Editor; Kofi O. Mensah, Associate Managing Editor.
  • David M. Driesen & Charles A.S. Hall, Efficiency, Economic Dynamics, and Climate Change: A Critical Look at the NeoClassical Paradigm for Environmental Law
  • Edward J. Maggio, Esq., A Violent Roman Tradition
  • Lois Galluzzo, Perverse Incentives for Employers: The Sickening Co-Existence of the Employment-At-Will Doctrine, Health Finance Policy, and Labor and Employment Statutes
  • Todd J. Desimone, Justice O’Connor’s View of Equality and the Strict Scrutiny Standard: Strict Scrutiny is not Necessarily Fatal in Fact
  • 2005 Case Comments:
    • Tennessee v. Lane: Did the Supreme Court Too Narrowly Decide this Case and Err in its Basis for Deciding the State of Tennessee Violated the Plaintiffs’ Fundamental Rights? - Ashley Hammerich
    • Hamdi v. Rumsfeld: Analyzing the Role of the Judiciary in Labeling Enemy Combatants. - Amy Ferreira
    • Caught Bluehanded: The Supreme Court Provides a Windfall for Employers in Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders. - Amanda Chrisley
    • Locke v. Davey: Has There Been a Change in the Standard of Review for Freedom of Religion Cases? - Krysta Berquist

Volume 12

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Christopher J. Grace, Managing Editor; Elisa Weselis, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Kyle Cohen, One Nation Under Atheism, With Liberty and Justice For All
  • Vita Zeltser, The Specter of the Debt Collector and the Unchartered Domain:
    The Case for Treating Domain Names as Garnishable Property
  • Timothy J. Welsh, "One way to hide a log is to put it in the woods."[1]CEO/CFO
    responsibility after the "Sarbanes-Oxley Act": Drowning the "reasonable
    investor" in details to escape civil liability
  • [1]. Bethany McLean, Why Enron Went Bust, Fortune, Dec. 24, 2001, at 58
    (quoting Congressman John Dingell’s call for an investigation into Enron).
  • 2004 Case Comments:
    • Jason W. Cleckner, Governator - Rise of the Voting Machines, Southwest Voter
      Registration Education Project v. Shelly, 344 F.3d 914; Voting Rights and the
      2003 California Recall Election
    • Phil Oliveri, The Rico Dilemma
    • Monica Reynoso, A New Standard for Measuring Just Compensation?
    • Kevin Uniglicht, "Working with an English only policy": Iris Cosme v. The
      Salvation Army, 284 F. Supp. 2d 229

Volume 11

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Thomas Paruolo, Managing Editor; Laurie Groina, Associate Managing Editor.

  • David S. Clark, Italian Criminal Justice and the Rise of an Active Magistracy
  • Jason J. Kovacs, The Country Above the Hermes Boutique: The International Status of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • Robin Paul Malloy, Using Title Insurance to Avoid Malpractice And Protect Clients in a Changing Marketplace
  • Editorial Staff, 2002 Supreme Court Surveys

Volume 10

Professor Robin Paul Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Jason Tenenbaum, Managing Editor; Corie M. Thornton, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Robert E. Rains & Gianluca Benedetti, A Discursive Essay on the Nature of Marriage and Divorce in Italy and the United States
  • James A. Strazzella, The Influence of Federal Law on the Dual Criminal Justice System: The Recent Past and the Emerging Future
  • Frederick Paola, Tariq Malik, and Robert Walker, Anonymous Correspondence Disparaging Law School Faculty
  • Rebecca M. Neri, New Organ Donations
  • Sheila G. Graziano, No Guarantees Under Law
  • Editorial Staff, 2001 Supreme Court Surveys

Volume 9

Professor Robin Paul Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Liberty J. Weyandt, Managing Editor; Kimberly Radnor Sirni, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Francesco Paris & Giampaolo Frezza, The Evolving Principles of Italian Family Law
  • Ronald J. Rychlak, The 1933 Concordat Between Germany and the Holy See: A Reflection of Tense Relations
  • Ian A.T. McLean, A Review of Hitler, The War, and The Pope
  • Maria Lisi-Murray, Richard Gambino, Vendetta: The True Story of the Largest Lynching in U.S. History
  • Robin Paul Malloy, Law and the Color of Markets
  • Kenneth A. Reid, The Microsoft Litigation from a Law and Economics Perspective
  • Editorial Staff, 2000 Supreme Court Surveys

Volume 8

Professor Robin Paul Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Martine Voltaire, Managing Editor; Duane Stone, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Shubha Ghosh, Methods, Conclusions, and the Search for Scientific Validity in Economics and Other Social Sciences
  • Steven Alan Childress, The “Soft Science” of Discretion: A Reply to Ghosh’s “Search for Scientific Validity”
  • Robin Paul Malloy, Book Review: Reviewing Dau-Schmidt & Ulen, Law and Economics Anthology, and Mercuro & Medema, Economics and the Law: From Posner to Post-Modernism
  • James J. Muchmore, Proprietary Rights and the Human Genome Project: A Legal and Economic Perspective
  • Editorial Staff, 1999 Supreme Court Surveys

Volume 7

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Thomas Paruolo, Managing Editor; Laurie Groina, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Joseph C. Cascarelli, Natural law and the Prudent Man Standard in Negligence Theory of Tort Law: Pollock, Prosser, Aquinas and Cicero.
  • John Cavicchi, Today, Would the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Have Granted Sacco and Vanzetti a New Trial Based on Current, Retroactively Applied Case Law?
  • Michael J. Pangia, Litigating Air Crash Cases.
  • Frank J. Scaturro, The Supreme Court's Retreat from Reconstruction: A Distortion of Constitutional Jurisprudence.

Volume 6

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Negin Nazemi, Managing Editor; Margaretha A. Jensen, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Angela Marie Gurrera, Christopher Borwhat, & Mathew La Valle, The Legacy Continues: From Columbus and Cabot to Sirica and Scalia.
  • Michael Avramovich, Initial Public offerings by Italian Companies in United States Capital Markets: Will Infirmities in the Formation of Italian Capital Markets Lead Italy's Growth Firms to a "Corsa Alla Borsa" in America?
  • Alessio David Evangelista, Full Inclusion and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: A Clear and Convincing Standard for Cases Involving the Least Restrictive Environment Provision.
  • Brett D. Carroll, Kansas v. Hendricks.
  • Alexander Perchekly, Washington v. Glucksberg.

Volume 5

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Christopher M. Perry Cavallerano, Managing Editor; Rania V. Sedhom, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Reinhold Schuman, The Rule of Law: Our Debt to Justinian and Italian Communes (Eleventh to Twelfth Century).
  • Cynthia Licul, The New Italian Pension System.
  • Nicholas A. Scarfone, Taxation of Qualified Retirement Plan Benefits: Structuring Trust Arrangements to Mitigate Confiscation.
  • Dennis S. Morris, Selected Defenses to Damage Allegation in Products Liability Suits.
  • Carie A. Nelson, A Critique of the Prosecution in the O.J. Simpson Trial: Vincent Bugliosi's Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder.
  • Michael J. Auricchio, Mario Cuomo's Reason to Believe.

Volume 4

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Stacey M. Romeo, Managing Editor; Christopher J. Cassise, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Ottavio Campanella, The Italian Legal Profession.
  • Vincenzo Sinisi, Italy Enacts New Rules on Conflict of Laws and Jurisdiction.
  • Steven Alan Childress, Review of Jury verdicts in Diversity Cases: An Erie Update.
  • Michael Vitiello, The Firm Revisited: Somebody at The Justice Department Has Been Reading John Grisham.
  • Domenick C. DiCicco, Jr., Liability of the HMO for Medical Negligence of its Providers.
  • Gina L. Blasdell, Book Review: Camille Paglia, Sex, Art, and American Culture: Essays.
  • Andrew C. Ambruoso, Book Review: Senator Alfonse D'Amato, Power, Pasta & Poltics.

Volume 3

Professor Malloy, Editor-in-Chief; Elisabeth R. Bennear, Managing Editor; Natalie R. Minter, Associate Managing Editor.

  • Louis F. Del Duca & Patrick Del Duca, The Italian Legal System: Adapting to the Needs of a Dynamic Society.
  • Donatella Cungi, The Reformed Italian Code of Criminal Procedure: What Happened to Its "Accusatorial Soul", Five Years After Its Adoption?
  • Joseph M. Settipane, Waste Characterization and Treatment Alternatives for Lead Base Paint Contaminated Debris: Destruction and Demolition of Manufacturing Plants and Facilities Under RCRA's Land Disposal Restrictions.
  • David J. Zumpano, What Hard Work Giveth the Nursing Home Taketh Away: Asset Preservation Under Medicaid.
  • Mark P. Petracca, In Defense of Congressional Term Limits.
  • Roderick Surratt, Congressional Term Limits: Political Perspectives and Constitutional Controversies.

Volume 2

Francis M. Allegra, Esq., Editor-in-Chief.

  • Joseph N. Giamboi, Introduction: Why Roman Law?
  • Kenneth W. Starr, The Relationship Between the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court in Our Constitutional Tradition.
  • Arthur J. Gajarsa, The Contributions of Roman Law to American Civil Procedure.
  • Elizabeth F. Defeis, The Contribution of Roman Law to International Law.
  • Frank C. Razzano, The Institutes of Justinian.
  • Edward D. Re, The Roman Contribution to the Common Law.
  • Deborah J. Krauss, The Changing Influence of Roman Law: Ideals and Reality in Nineteenth Century America.
  • Francis Elia Harris, Roman Civil Liability: The Precursor to Anglo-American Tort Law.

Volume 1

Dan R. Mastromarco, Esq., Giovanna M. Cinelli, Esq., Ronald A. Cimino, Esq., & Francis M. Allegra, Board of Editors.

  • Hon. Dominic R. Massaro, Cesare Beccaria - The Father of Criminal Justice: His Impact on Anglo-American Jurisprudence.
  • Francesco Isgro, Business Visas For Italians.
  • Dan R. Mastromarco, Financial Secrecy in the West Indies: Not Just a Haven for Tourists.
  • Giovanna M. Cinelli, The Impact of the Second Banking Directive Upon United States Banks Operating in the European Community.
  • Frank C. Razzano, RICO Constitutionality: Multifactor Test Gets Top Marks.
  • Francis M. Allegra, Bankruptcy Courts: The Tax Forum For the 90's
  • Linda R. Carlozzi, Drug Testing in the Workplace.