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National Women's Law Student Association (NWLSA)

The National Women’s Law Student Association (NWLSA) provides a forum for the discussion and advancement of women in legal education and the legal profession.  It creates a graduate network to enable women in the legal profession and in law school to learn from and support one another, and addresses societal impacts of women on the law.  NWLSA also provides opportunities to network with prominent local attorneys
through co-sponsored mentoring events.
The group has addressed topics ranging from domestic violence to recent legislation impacting the lives of women. As a recently reorganized student group, NWLSA is able incorporate the interests of new members into its yearly agenda.
NWLSA has been recognized by the law school for its excellence in community service. Volunteer opportunities have included working with local girl scouts, cleaning at Syracuse Women’s Information Center, and compiling needed items for domestic violence survivors.

All Syracuse law students are invited to become NWLSA members. To become a member, students should attend a NWLSA event or contact the organization to be added to its listserv.

    Lizzie Marris, President
    Lis Conroy, Vice President
    Lizzy Platt, Treasurer