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The Syracuse Public Interest Network, ("SPIN"), is a student-run organization at the Syracuse University College of Law (SUCOL) committed to fostering the careers of students who intend to advocate for the public interest. Through a variety of programming, SPIN seeks to instill a sense of passion for pro bono efforts and community service in the students at the Syracuse University College of Law, as well as create a public interest network for students to connect with alumni, practitioners and the community.
SPIN raises money to provide grants for SUCOL students with SPIN Fellowships, who are employed during the summer in the public interest legal field. Broadly defined, public interest employment includes public service, government work, judicial clerkships, and Fellowships. Public interest organizations tend to represent people and issues that might otherwise lack meaningful representation in the legal system. The necessity of such representation cannot be emphasized enough; because without public interest organizations, the nation's legal system would serve only those who can afford counsel.
Public interest practice is often considered work done in pursuit of individual or group concepts of justice, equity and advancing the public good, rather than for purposes of commercial or personal gain. Public interest practioners strive to remedy social and legal injustices, consistent with their values and political perspective. By supporting students who would otherwise be financially unable to take positions in the public interest sector, SPIN increases legal services to those who can least afford them, and often who are most in need of them. There is much work to be done in the public sector! Click to view SPIN Fellows page.

 21st  Annual Public Interest Auction