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NYS Science & Technology Law Center, Technology Commercialization Law Program

Law School Designated as New York State Science & Technology Law Center

In March 2004, Syracuse University College of Law was first designated as the New York State Science & Technology Law Center (NYS STLC) by the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR). This prestigious designation, which was made through a competitive, peer-review process and includes a grant of more than $1 million over three years, recognizes the College of Law's extensive experience in the field of technology commercialization law and practice. Since then it has been designated twice more for two three-year periods, most recently on April 1st, 2012.

The mission of the NYS STLC is to provide legal education, research, information and support services to the more than 30 universities and research centers in New York State supported by NYSTAR.  As the NYS STLC designee, the College of Law's goal is to help New York State become a world leader in the commercialization of new technologies and in the creation of new jobs.     

About the Technology Commercialization Law Program

The Technology Commercialization Law Program (TCLP) is a course concentration within the College of Law curriculum that provides an interdisciplinary and applied approach to the study of commercial development of new technologies. The TCLP combines classroom courses, case study problem-solving, negotiation and drafting exercises, and applied research projects. Students in the TCLP take 18 credit hours of classroom courses in technology transactions law, intellectual property law and corporate/commercial law.  Students also take 6 credit hours as clinical research interns in the Technology Commercialization Research Center (TCRC). The program provides students with financial support such as teaching assistant scholarships, research assistant stipends, and potential paid internships with technology companies and technology transfer offices. Students who successfully complete the required classroom and clinical courses in the TCLP are awarded a Certificate in Technology Commercialization Law Studies.

In the TCRC, students work in teams to research and analyze alternative strategies for commercializing early-stage technologies on behalf of universities and federal laboratories, and also large, medium, small and start-up companies. The students in the TCLP are actively involved in the work of the NYS STLC in organizing statewide conferences, developing education materials, preparing technology assessment reports, performing legal research and providing consulting services to research center directors and technology entrepreneurs.