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Cyber Security Law and Policy (3 cr)
LAW 832
The 2009 White House Cyberspace Policy Review states: “The United States needs to conduct a national dialogue on cybersecurity to … ensure an integrated approach toward the Nation’s need for security and the national commitment to privacy rights and civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and law.” This three-credit, one-semester seminar intends to be part of that dialog. Some cyber security law already exists. Other laws of long standing present issues of applicability or adaptability to the cyber realm. Many proposals remain in Congressional committees, such as bills that would mandate security measures for all entities receiving federal money, establish a federal certification for technicians serving computer networks of entities receiving federal money, and provide the President with authority to “pull the plug” on national Internet connectivity in times of emergency. This course is premised on the belief that much policy and law to implement it will be made in the next few years to institute a national policy to protect U.S. interests in cyberspace. The seminar uses an interdisciplinary approach, but no special background or prerequisites are required.

Taught By:
William C. Snyder