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Social and Economic Justice in South Africa (1 cr)
LAW 925
The week-long visit to South Africa will study the constitutional, economic, and social history of South Africa as it has moved from apartheid to a multi-racial republic. Students will visit the Constitutional Court; government agencies including the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration; several townships and municipalities; and a historically Black and historically White University. The students will meet with Constitutional Court justices, government officials, and University faculty involved in social and economic justice issues and learn about the entrenched systemic poverty, racism, and injustice that is the legacy of apartheid, and the efforts including legislation, policies, and programs to reverse the effects of apartheid. Students will earn one credit. The grading will be based upon an 8-10 page paper researched before, during, and after the trip to South Africa. Papers may involve topics guided by the Constitutional Court justices regarding topics presently before the Court, or topics chosen by the students involving issues of community economic development law, constitutional law, and comparative law. There will be two one-hour class sessions scheduled before the trip and two one-hour class sessions scheduled after the trip. Applications for this course must be completed and approved before registration.

Taught By:
Deborah S. Kenn