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Legal Education Opportunity (LEO) Program

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Syracuse University is committed to a diverse student body as an integral part of its educational program and mission. Diversity within the law student body, generated through the selection of individuals having a range of experience and interests, generally enhances each student's legal education by encouraging a broad exchange of thoughts and ideas.

LEO ProgramRecognizing that numerical indicators are not always the best predictors of success in law school - even when considered in combination with other factors - the College of Law admits a limited number of students each year through the Legal Education Opportunity (LEO) Program. The program's dual objectives are to recruit and admit persons who may have been deprived of equal education opportunities due to race, poverty, or other factors beyond their control; and persons with unusual accomplishments, backgrounds, and experiences that suggest traditional admission criteria may be inadequate predictors of likely success in law study.

Students admitted through the LEO Program are required to complete an intensive three-week summer program in legal methodology and legal writing before enrolling in the fall semester entering class.