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Second Year

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Nicole Amato
Princeton, NJ
The College of New Jersey
Interested in Criminal Law
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Criminal Law Society, Family Law Society, Student Life Mentor

"The reason that I chose Syracuse is because it felt like a home away from home. When I visited Syracuse University College of Law for the first time it was Admitted Students Day and I was torn between Syracuse and another University. What really helped me make my decision to attend Syracuse was how welcoming and friendly all the current students and staff were. Any question that I had was answered and it was answered honestly. I was a little nervous to come to Syracuse because it is about 4 hours from my home town in New Jersey and I went to undergrad about a half hour from home. However,  the nervousness that I had vanished when I realized that this could be my new home, and that I had an amazing student body to be a part of who were all friendly and helpful. The community that Syracuse offers is what made this place feel like home."

Ryan Bergman
Fulton, NY
SUNY Oswego

“I chose Syracuse Law because it’s always been my dream to go to school at Syracuse. Growing up in the Central New York area, you learn very quickly how wide reaching Syracuse is as a university and how large the alumni network is. Knowing how much pride the alumni and the community have in this university made me realize that Syracuse was where I needed to be. Everyone at the law school is as invested in your success. In addition, the fact that Syracuse is the only school that offers a joint degree JD/M.S. in Forensic Science made an easy decision even easier. Syracuse gives you a great community to be a part of as well as cutting-edge educational opportunities to help you stand out in a competitive job market.”

Samantha Diorio
Wayne, NJ
Boston College
Journal of International Law and Commerce, Moot Court

“I chose Syracuse Law for its remarkable national reputation and expansive alumni network. Coming from an undergraduate institution that stressed the importance of community and collegiate spirit, I was drawn to Syracuse Law and its integration into the larger university campus. As I begin to establish my future legal career, I know that Syracuse Law’s national prestige, engaged alumni network, and high level of academic programs will allow me to explore numerous opportunities in the field.”         

Samantha Diorio

Melissa Dirado
Northville, MI
Albion College
Interested in Criminal Law

"Syracuse University College of Law was my choice because of its national reputation, the outstanding reputation of the professors, the opportunity to join organizations such as the Cold Case Justice Initiative, and the overall welcoming atmosphere of the law school."

Megan Foster
Penn Yan, NY
Pennsylvania State University - University Park

"Syracuse University College of Law was the right fit for me because of its excellent national reputation, its extensive alumni network, its promotion of a well-rounded legal education, and its outstanding Offices of Student Life and Professional and Career Development. As a New York State native, it was important to me that I attend a law school with a strong reputation in the geographic area where I plan to practice. The College of Law offers a number of joint degree programs, clinics, and student organizations. Professors are engaging, experienced, and approachable. Furthermore, the current construction of Dineen Hall, the future law school building, marks an important and exciting chapter in the College of Law’s history!"

Megan Foster

Ashley Scarpetta McCarey
Nicholson, PA
King's College
Interested in Estate Planning, Family Law, & Real Estate

"Syracuse Law was a natural fit for me. I grew up in the Northeast and went to a small private Catholic college in a small town.  When I looked at law schools, I wanted the big university setting.  Syracuse is about two hours from home so it gives me the perfect combination of independence and family.  When I applied to law school, I was engaged and knew that I didn’t want to be too far from my fiancé. I fell in love with Syracuse Law on the Admitted Students Day. I was most intrigued by the courtrooms, Moot Court opportunities, and the clinical programs."

Charles Murphy
Penn Yan, NY
State University of New York - Brockport
Interested in Corporate Law

"I chose Syracuse Law because of its national reputation and presence, as well as its vast alumni network.  I wanted to attend a law school that was affiliated with a large, reputable university.  At Syracuse Law, there was an immediate sense of community as soon as I stepped foot in the law school.  The mentors and faculty are all looking out for the best interests of the new students, as well as the entire student body.  The innovative programs and organizations at the College of Law provide students with opportunities to gain valuable legal experience, which was also a factor in my choice to attend Syracuse University College of Law."

Charles Murphy
Michael Ojugbeli
Chittenango, NY
Syracuse University

“I chose Syracuse Law because of the dedication they have for their students.  When researching law schools, Syracuse Law was the bar that others attempted to reach. They not only offer an extensive amount of externships and clinics, but also help you find the right one for you and teach you how to succeed.  I was very impressed with the interest Syracuse Law and their alumni have in each student's success. The faculty, staff, and alumni are all very excited to see you progress through law school and truly want to help you reach your goals. This is easily shown through professor's and administrator's open door policy, where they are always more than willing to help.  This allows for a great sense of community, which only grows larger with the expansive alumni network that is also highly accessible. All this, coupled with the ability to pursue a JD/M.B.A., made the decision to attend Syracuse Law very easy!”

Michael Ojugbeli

Casey Runkey
Napa Valley, CA
University of California, San Diego

"I chose Syracuse Law because of its national reputation, its vast alumni network, and its outstanding student service programs.  Coming from California, it was important to me that I found a law school that would have alumni scattered nation wide, but also that there would be a strong student life organization and people willing to help me make the transition.  The atmosphere at Syracuse Law is dedicated to helping students thrive in the classroom, and the staff at this university are extremely helpful in other areas such as internship placement and the job search.  As I embark on my legal career, I know that Syracuse University will help me explore the opportunities present in the field for a successful career."  

Fulvia Vargas
New York, NY
Interested in Litigation/Corporate Law

"I chose Syracuse University College of Law because I wanted a school that fosters an environment of helping students succeed. From the extensive alumni network to the various externships and clinics offered, I knew that attending the College of Law would expose me to various career opportunities. As a global study major, I wanted to explore the possibility of a career in National Security. Syracuse Law would allow me to obtain my JD degree and the National Security and Counterterrorism Law certification program."

Fulvia Vargas

Danielle Wild

Syracuse, NY
Roberts Wesleyan College

"Syracuse Law was my choice because it was the only decision that felt right. It is a little ironic that I say that because I always said I would never go to Syracuse University, for no other reason than I grew up in the area and wanted to get away for a while. After living in Rochester, NY for 5 years, it felt like it was time to come home. My emotional ties to the city aside, I was really drawn to Syracuse Law for a variety of reasons, such as: (1) Syracuse is ranked among the 20 Most Innovative Law Schools in the nation for their Student Services and Student Mentoring programs. These are both huge resources for getting acclimated, not only to the law school, but to life as a law student. (2) Syracuse’s in-house clinics provide a unique opportunity (and great experience) for students. I am interested in pursuing a career in criminal law, so the opportunity to participate in an on-campus Criminal Defense Clinic was perfect. (3) Syracuse’s trial team is nationally recognized (and really good), and it is something that I hope to be a part of my 2L year since my goal is to go into trial practice. (4) “Last,” but not definitely not least, when I visited Syracuse Law, I got a very strong sense that the professors really care about and take time to invest in the students. Coming from a small private school, this was important for me."

Danielle Wild