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Questions about 3L Bar Loans?

3L Bar Loans


Law students may have expenses related to the bar exam in their final semester of study. Third year students are encouraged to exhaust federal academic year loan eligibility to help pay for these bar related expenses. Once federal loan eligibility has been exhausted go online to research which lenders offer private loans to graduating law students, most often referred to as “Bar Study Loans.”

- Compare interest rates, loan fees, and find out if applying with a co-signer could help lower the interest rate.

- Borrow conservatively!  Most private Bar Study Loans have variable interest rates (APR examples currently range from around 4% up to 15%).  Borrowers will not lock into the current interest rate; instead, interest rates will be adjusted as the Prime Rate or LIBOR rate changes.

- Notify the Financial Aid Office after you have applied for a Bar Study Loan and have been credit approved.

  • Private bar loans will be certified by the school.
  • Disbursements are sent directly to student borrowers not through the Bursar's Office.
  • Bar loans are disbursed to May graduates on March 1st.
  • Early partial disbursements may be approved at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office.
  • Only one bar loan per student will be certified.


Contact the Financial Aid Office

White Hall Suite 340

315-443-1963 / financialaid@law.syr.edu