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"Balancing family, law school, and commuting can be tricky.  Straightforward advice, like “don’t borrow more than you need,” doesn’t really work when you have a family and all kinds of unexpected costs. This doesn’t mean you can just borrow the maximum amount in financial aid and forget about it – you still have to budget and plan for repayment.

The SUCOL Financial Aid Office has been a huge help to me in this regard.  They took the time to review what I have borrowed and what I expect to borrow, and then explained all the different repayment options, with monthly and yearly breakdowns.

I can’t predict what all my expenses will be after I graduate, but I will know ahead of time exactly what I owe and how much I will need to budget for each month, allowing me to make informed decisions on behalf of my family."

-Vicente DeJesus-Rueff, Class of 2015

Gracie Wright, a current 3L, shares her advice on budgeting and loan repayment.

"Always friendly, accessible, and informative, the Financial Aid Office at the College of Law makes financing a legal education a collaborative and stress-free experience!"

James Zino, JD Candidate, Class of 2014

"Look for opportunities that pay off while you are at SU Law to keep your finances in check - apply for the many scholarships, paid research assistant positions, library jobs, etc.  Not only do they help offset the costs of law school, but they look great on your resume, too!"

- Kate Reardon, JD, Class of 2013

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