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Tuition and Cost of Attendance


2013-2014 Cost of Attendance

A budget worksheet is available to download and/or print.

2014-2015 Cost of Attendance

Tuition: $44,000

Fees: $2,064

Personal expenses for a typical J.D. student in 2014-2015 are estimated as follows:

Books & Supplies: $1,622

Housing & Meals: $12,374

Additional Expenses: $3,250 (estimated personal expenses and local transportation costs)

Average Federal Loan Fees: $1,390

A budget worksheet is available to download and/or print.

Students entering the College of Law are required to own a personal notebook computer. The cost of attendance on the worksheets above do not include the cost of purchasing a new notebook computer, however, it has been our experience that personal expenses within the budget categories vary from student to student and you may not need to borrow additional student loans in excess of the estimated cost of attendance to cover the cost of your computer. If the computer you already own meets our minimum specifications, you are not obligated to purchase a new notebook computer.

To be considered for a computer budget adjustment you must complete the Computer Budget Adjustment Request Form and send receipts (proof of purchase) to verify the cost you incurred to purchase a computer for your legal studies. The maximum budget adjustment for the computer purchase is $2,000.

Campus West Law Student Housing

Students who sign a lease at the new Campus West Apartments are eligible for the campus west resident cost of attendance.  The average cost of housing (which includes utilities) at Campus West is included in this budget

Budget Adjustments

On a case-by-case basis, the Financial Aid Office will consider individual requests for an adjustment to the standard cost of attendance.  Appeals will be considered using the standards set by the Department of Education.  If approved, a budget adjustment will allow a student to borrow additional student loans.  Students must submit the Cost of Attendance Petition to the College of Law Financial Aid Office with receipts and other supporting documentation.