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The College of Law’s course offerings are divided primarily on a semester basis, one fall and one spring, constituting one full academic year. Syracuse University College of Law LL.M. students are encouraged to enroll in the core, common law first-year classes such as Contracts or Constitutional Law, as well as to use their electives to explore from an array of advanced course offerings such as Corporations or National Security Law or the new and emerging field of International and Comparative Disability Law.

The College has long had a strong focus on legal skills based courses. While the majority of doctrinal courses are taught in the traditional lecture style, our LL.M. student is also encouraged to take advantage of the skills based courses such as Lawyer as Negotiator or Lawyering Skills for the Non-Traditional Family.

In the fall semester, the LL.M. students are required to take two courses limited and designed especially for the LL.M. student. These are an Introduction to American Legal Studies (3 credits) and Legal Writing for International Students (2 credits). In addition, the LL.M. student must fulfill a Writing Requirement, in either semester. This requirement allows the LL.M. student to engage deeply with a faculty member to produce a significant research paper and can be accomplished through one of our many seminar classes or by directed study.

Syracuse Law LL.M. students must complete 24-credits in the academic year to qualify for graduation, but may enroll for up to an additional four credits a semester. We encourage our LL.M. students to use these elective opportunities to engage deeply with a variety of topics, research opportunities, and faculty.

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