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LL.M. Program Options and Information

Option IV: LL.M. in American Law + iSchool Certificate in Advanced Study

Candidates who wish to pursue both the LL.M. in American Law from the College of Law and a Certificate in Advanced Study (CAS) from the iSchool at Syracuse University may do so in this extended program option.

The iSchool is a consistently top-ranked information school, offering innovative undergraduate, graduate, and CAS programs in a variety of information sciences and information management disciplines. The iSchool offers the CAS programs that can complement the LLM program by offering additional speciality studies.

Most of the CAS programs are 15 credit hours so they will typically take two semesters to complete. Courses are available on campus and most are available online. View more information about the iSchool’s CAS programs here.

To apply for Option IV, follow the application instructions for the LL.M. Program, and review the CAS admissions requirements on the iSchool's website. You may also e-mail CAS admissions staff for more details. Important Note: Candidates must meet the admissions and application criteria of both the College of Law and the iSchool. Students must complete the coursework of one program before starting the other. Tuition and fees are paid separately to each institution and the student receives a separate diploma/certificate for the LL.M. and iSchool degrees conferred by each institution.