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Male Roommates

Male Students Interested in Finding a Roommate
Syracuse University College of Law 2014


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Westerman Davis jwdavis@syr.edu Massachusetts Suffolk University Either - just not in the house

I have a 3 bedroom house on Vincent Street right next to South Campus and bus line (5 minute drive to Dineen if you have a car). Looking for two serious fellow law students to move in with me. 800/month with utilities included except cable, 10 and 12 month leases are available (if you don't plan on staying in Syracuse for June and July). Off street parking is included.  I am 23, from Boston, looking forward to being at Syracuse and getting involved with the law school and University in general. Like most of you I am looking forward to the challenges of first year of law school, but I also want roommates who I wouldn't mind getting a beer on the weekend with. Messy roommates need not apply. Please contact me if you have any questions.

David Hutter dmhutter@gmail.com New York Syracuse University I don't smoke, but I don't have a preference either

Have a 4 bedroom house a short walk away from campus, looking for 2 more housemates. Cheap housing especially compared to university housing and campus west (especially campus west). Preferably people who plan on being focused on their studies. I attended Syracuse for my undergrad so I am very well versed in the area. Please don't hesitate to email me for details.

Oliver Khouri okhouri1@binghamton.edu New Jersey SUNY Binghamton Either

Non-smoker, but does not mind living with smoker.  Looking for someone to rent off campus with.

Adam Kuhn ahkuhn@syr.edu New York University of Maryland Non-Smoking

I am looking for one male roommate to share a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment in Campus West. I am an incoming 1L and I graduated in May from the University of Maryland. I grew up on Long Island and in my free time I enjoy going to sporting events (Go Orange!), watching Netflix, and going to the movies. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Nate Lefko nathan@lefko.net Texas University of Santa Barbara Either

Looking for someone to live off campus with. I am a big fan of most sports but especially hockey. Looking for an apartment within walking distance to campus or quick bus ride. I hope to find a roommate that is focused on their studies but wouldn’t mind going out and having a beer every so often.

David Sieling dave.remembertomorrow@gmail.com New York RIT/Brockport E-cigs

Looking to save money, plan to spend most weekends off campus.  Sadly, a TV junkie.  My work history is in music, politics, and TV.  I already have a great pair of basketball season tickets, and my roommate will likely enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I grew up in Syracuse so I know the town.  Ideally looking for a 2 bedroom apt within reasonable walking distance.