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Utilizing On-Campus Support Systems

Utilizing On-Campus Support Systems

by Elizabeth Molino

Support systems on campus at Syracuse University College of Law (SUCoL) are abundant.  However, as a student it is important to reach out to the Office of Student Life as well as the Office of Professional & Career Development.  During my first year at SUCoL, there were numerous information sessions and academic support resources available to me.  During my first semester, upperclassmen led skills development sessions to help my class learn to outline and navigate the infamous law school exam.  Attending these sessions were helpful and reassuring during the first weeks of law school when I was most unsure about my abilities as a student here.  The Office of Professional & Career Development also introduced itself to my class during our first semester by setting up meetings with each student regarding the logistics of the office and summer job searches.

The Office Professional Development becomes much more essential once your second year comes around and your job search for your 2L summer begins.  Regardless of the type of law you wish to practice, or the region of the country you want to be in, the Office of Professional & Career Development can help you immensely.  They hold sessions where students can walk-in to have their resume reviewed and the counselors offer appointments for almost any reason.  It is important to seek out the services offered by this office on your own as well, and the more you put in to your job search the better!

Another integral part of the support systems here at SUCoL is the Office of Student Life.  As a second year student, I was a student mentor to a small group of incoming students during their orientation, and am also paired with a similarly sized faculty mentor group during the academic year.  The Office of Student Life set up the mentoring program as a way to create a student liaison between the incoming students and the entire College of Law.  The program was equally rewarding during my own orientation as a first year student and as a mentor this past August.  It became apparent to me early on that the student network at SUCoL is strong, friendly, and approachable.  Further, as my time here at SUCoL continues, my personal network of professionals, peers, and professors is a crucial part of my success and happiness as a student.

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