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Dean Directory

Hannah R. Arterian Dean and Professor of Law (315) 443-9580
Christian C. Day Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Law
Director, Law in London Program
Associate Director, Center on Property, Citizenship and Social Entrepreneurism
(315) 443-3650
Margaret M. Harding Associate Dean for Faculty
Professor of Law
(315) 443-3677
Aviva Abramovsky Associate Dean for International Initiatives
Professor of Law
Executive Director of the LL.M. Program for Foreign Law Graduates
Co-Director, Law In London Program
Kauffman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(315) 443-1786
Thomas R. French Associate Dean, Law Library
Professor of Law
(315) 443-1221
Deborah S. Kenn Associate Dean of Clinical and Experiential Education
Professor of Law
Director, Office of Clinical Legal Education
Co-Director, Community Development Law Clinic
(315) 443-9550
Nina A. Kohn Associate Dean for Research
David M. Levy L’48 Professor of Law
(315) 443 6565
Alexandra C. Epsilanty Associate Dean of Development and Advancement (315) 443-4536
Cheryl A. Ficarra Associate Dean for Enrollment Management
and Chief Financial Officer
(315) 443-2540
Tomás A. Gonzalez Senior Assistant Dean of Student Life (315) 443-1146
Ronald M. Denby Assistant Dean for Information Technology (315) 443-9409
Kim Wolf Price Assistant Dean and Director of Career Services (315) 443-1941