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College of Law faculty are committed teachers, distinguished scholars, and experienced lawyers. Most practiced law before their academic careers and some still practice in their particular areas of interest. All faculty members engage in scholarly research and publication to remain current in and contribute to the theory and practice of law. They are strongly committed to blending legal theory with skills training.        
Furthering the college’s interdisciplinary vision, a number of professors possess other graduate degrees and teach courses that combine law with such fields as public administration, finance, health care, social psychology, and economics. The faculty—wide-ranging in backgrounds as well as scholarship interests—creates a multi-faceted law school experience rich in opportunity.

Spotlight On

SU College of Law Represents the Civic Association of the Deaf

Michael Schwartz

Syracuse University College of Law Professor Michael Schwartz (back row), pictured with his clients from the Civic Association of the Deaf of New York City,  following argument in Manhattan Federal Court in June 2011. SU College of Law’s Disability Rights Clinic represented the Civic Association in defending a groundbreaking injunction, prohibiting the City of New York from removing emergency alarm boxes the deaf and hard of hearing use to summon help on the streets of New York City.  Read more.