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Genetics and Law: Guide to ResourcesFundamentalsInternet Portals, Databases & Starting PointsJournals & News SourcesFederal & State Law/GovernmentWeb Sites by TopicOther Libraries

Learning about GeneticsCells Alive: Animal Cell Mitosis (animated)
DNA From the Beginning:


  • MDL Chime
  • RasMol and Chime

Molecular Visualization Freeware Highly recommended
Download and install the Chime plug-in and you can look at DNA as you’ve never  seen it before. Chime is a program that allows you to rotate, move and look at molecules in your web browser.

DNA Structures [animated video]


Everything about genetics and the Human Genome Projects

Genetics Home Reference (National Institutes of Health)

  • Condition Summaries
  • Gene Summaries
  • Chromosome Summaries
  • Help Me Understand Genetics
  • Glossary

A Genetics Tutorial (Morgan)

Genomics GTL: A primer

Genomics 101 Primer

The Human Genome Project, 1990-2003

National Centre for Biotechnology (University of Reading, UK)

  • Interactive, highly graphical and entertaining learning site
  • Learn how to make a DNA cocktail!

National Health Museum: Access Excellence

  • DNA Primer: An Introduction to DNA and Disease Detection
  • Graphics Gallery

Nature Genome Gateway:

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Changing Vocabularies: A Guide to Help Bioethics Searchers Find Relevant Literature in National Library of Medicine Databases Using the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Indexing Vocabulary / Tamar Joy Kahn and Hannelore Ninomiya

A Dictionary of Genetics / Robert C. King, William D. Stansfield. (2002)
Sci/Tech Lib-Reference Room 103 (does not circulate)
QH427 .K55 2002

Encyclopedia of Bioethics (2003)
Sci/Tech Lib Sci/Tech Lib-Reference Room 103 (does not circulate)
QH332 .E52 2003

Encyclopedia of Genetics / edited by Sydney Brenner and
Jeffrey H. Miller (2002)
Sci/Tech Lib-Reference Room 103 (does not circulate)
QH427 .E53 2002

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Genetics, Genomics, and Proteomics / George P. Rédei. (2003)
Sci/Tech Lib-Reference Room 103 (does not circulate)
QH427 .R43 2003


Bibliographies are collected sources prepared by experts in a particular field. Many are annotated (i.e., contain brief descriptions). Bibliographies can save you time and expand your research horizons.

Genetics and Public Policy Center – Bibliography on Reproductive Genetics

The National Information Resource on Ethics & Human Genetics Bibliographies

  • Funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health.
  • Covers topics related to ethics and human genetics
  • Quick (Brief) Bibliographies on:
    Behavioral Genetics
    Gene Therapy
    Genetic Counseling
    Genetic Research Genetic Research and Biohazards
    Genetic Screening and Genetic Testing
    Genome Mapping / Human Genome Project
    Patenting Life Forms
  • Annotated Bibliographies on:
    Human Gene Therapy
    Genetic Testing and Genetic Screening
    The Human Genome Project
    Genes, Patents, and Bioethics — Will History Repeat Itself?
    Bioethics Resources on the Web

The Ethics of Genetic Engineering / edited by Maureen Junker-Kenny and Lisa Sowle (1998).
Sci/Tech Lib QH438.7 .E85 1998

see : The ethics of medical genetics. An annotated bibliography / Sigrid Graumann and Christof Mandry.

HumGen - international Database of Policy Automated Bibliography
(University of Montreal Law School)

  • Construct your own bibliography by selecting topics, jurisdiction and dates (1985-)
  • Very cool, very current

Library of Congress Subject HeadingsThe following subject headings can be used to search by ‘Subject’ in the Syracuse University online public catalog, SUMMIT. These terms may also be helpful when constructing queries in databases or journal indexes. See also: Appendix: Selection of Books and Media.

Bioethics Government policy United States
Bioethics Law and legislation United States (or Europe, Asia, etc.)
Biotechnology--Moral and ethical aspects

Genetic engineering
Genetic engineering Moral and ethical aspects
Genetics Periodicals
Genetics Research Moral and ethical aspects
Genetics Social aspects

Human genetics Moral and ethical aspects
Human Genome Project Moral and ethical aspects
Human reproductive technology Moral and ethical aspects
Medical genetics Moral and ethical aspects
Medical ethics Law and legislation
Medical genetics Social aspects