Angela R. Cruz L'06
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Angela R. Cruz L'06

Angela Cruz L'06

Angela R. Cruz earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History, and a Master of Social Work from Tulane University. She received her Juris Doctor from Syracuse University College of Law in 2006.  

While in law school, Ms. Cruz was an officer in the Family Law Society, and the College of Law chapters of the National Women’s Law Student Association, Thomas More Society and Latin American Law Students’ Association. She also served on the Law Student Senate as a class senator and community service committee chair. Ms. Cruz was a research assistant for Professor Sarah H. Ramsey and participated in the Children’s Rights and Family Law Clinic. She was a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Public Service, Paul Shipman Andrews Award for Leadership, and Law Student Senate Organization Award for Outstanding Contribution.

Since graduating from the College of Law, Ms. Cruz has worked as a litigator for the New York City Law Department, Office of the Corporation Counsel. She began her career prosecuting both misdemeanor and felony juvenile delinquency cases in the Law Department’s Family Court Division. In 2008, Ms. Cruz transferred to the Tort Division, where she is currently a Senior Counsel in the division’s elite Special Litigation Unit. Ms. Cruz defends the City of New York, its agencies, and employees in high profile and complex personal injury actions, often involving catastrophic injuries and garnering substantial media attention. She handles cases from inception through disposition by motion practice, settlement, or trial. Most recently, she successfully briefed and argued a case before the Appellate Division First Department. In 2011, Ms. Cruz’s efforts were recognized when she received the Division Chief Award. In addition to her litigating responsibilities, Ms. Cruz serves as a mentor for the Law Department’s Summer Honors Interns and teaches a course in the training program for the office’s new attorneys.

Outside the office, Ms. Cruz enjoys serving as a Small Claims Court arbitrator and judging high school and college mock trial competitions. While she now lives downstate, she continues to follow the Orange and hopes to make a return trip to the College of Law in the near future.

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