Jaye B. Martin L'79
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Jaye B. Martin L'79

Jaye B. Martin

JAYE B. MARTIN received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and sociology, with honors, from Colgate University in 1977.  She then received her Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, from Syracuse University College of Law in December 1979.  During law school, Ms. Martin participated in the Grossman Moot court Competition, was a member of the Student Senate and the Comstock Inn chapter of the Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity.  She was appointed the student representative to the College of Law's Board of Visitors (now known as the Board of Advisors).  She also managed to become an Orange sports fan, much to the chagrin of her fellow Colgate graduates.

Ms. Martin has practiced law at IBM in various capacities since her graduation from the College of Law.  As Associate General counsel for the IBM Systems and Technology Group, she is responsible for a wide variety of domestic and international legal matters related to IBM's server and storage brands (including Systems z, x and Power hardware, and operating system software), Retail Store Systems (RSS), as well as overseeing legal issues and legal personnel at seven IBM sites across the country, from Beaverton, Oregon to Poughkeepsie, New York.  

Ms. Martin's practice covers a wide-range of areas, including antitrust/competition law, employment and environmental law and intellectual property matters.  She also provides field support for litigation and corporate compliance matters.  Ms. Martin is involved with matters such as customer issues, product packaging and pricing, business development, procurement and mergers and acquisitions.  She is also responsible for management of U.S. law department personnel supporting the server, storage, and RSS businesses.

Ms. Martin joined the IBM law department in 1979 in the corporate human resources law group.  Prior to taking on her current responsibilities she held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility, providing advice and counsel to System z and storage business units, the Microelectronics Division, the Research Division, Sales and Distribution for the territories covered by IBM's Bethesda, Dallas and New York City offices, as well as a manufacturing plant and development lab in Endicott, New York.

Ms. Martin's family has a long-standing association with Syracuse University: her father earned his BS from Syracuse University in 1950, and her brother earned both his BS and MBA from Syracuse.  Ms. Martin's son, Andrew, carries on the family Orange tradition and is currently an undergraduate student at Syracuse University. 

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