Benita Miller L'96
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Benita Miller L'96

Benita MillerBENITA MILLER is a 1993 graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where the Detroit News awarded her with the Rosa Parks Scholarship. She earned her Juris Doctor from Syracuse University College of Law in 1996. While at the College of Law she was a Teaching Fellow in the African-American Studies Department and President of the Black Law Students Association. In collaboration with the Black Graduation Students Association and Hendricks Chapel staff, Ms. Miller helped to establish tutorial and support services for Haitian refugee children attending Syracuse City Schools.
Ms. Miller is the Founder and Executive Director of the Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective (BYMC), an organization that provides comprehensive services to disadvantaged young mothers. The Collective provides legal information, advocacy training and social services support in order to prevent parent-child separations, child neglect and/or abuse as well as repeat pregnancies. BYMC helps young mothers move toward self-sufficiency through supportive services, leadership training and advocacy.
Ms. Miller is a board member of Single Young Mothers’ Initiative, a national project focused on federal policy and research related to young mothers, and a member of New York State’s Independent Review Board for juvenile detention facilities. She is a member of New York County Lawyers’ Association Taskforce on the Family Court, and Health Connect One’s National Advisory Board for doula programs. Ms. Miller also serves as an advisory board member for Healthy Families at Brookdale Hospital. In March 2009, she was honored by the Kings County District Attorney’s Office at the annual Brooklyn’s Extraordinary Women event for her contributions to help the borough’s teen parent population.
A winner of the prestigious Union Square Award in 2005, Ms. Miller was previously a children’s rights attorney at The New York City Legal Aid Society, Juvenile Rights Practice.
Ms. Miller is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is herself the daughter of teen parents. She and her two children live in Brooklyn, NY.

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