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Reciprocity Agreement

ReciprocityReciprocity AgreementReciprocity Request Form

Syracuse University College of Law's policy concerning career services assistance that may be provided to students and graduates of other law schools is as follows:

• Counseling services, access to resource books, website and job listings will be made available to students and graduates of law schools allowing Syracuse University College of Law students and graduates the same privileges.

• Reciprocity requests are considered individually and are primarily granted on a one-to-one basis. The Office of Professional & Career Development reserves the right to suspend access by students or graduates of law schools whose requests for reciprocity become substantially disproportionate to Syracuse University College of Law's requests.

• Job announcements are available, on our website, to students and graduates from law schools that allow in-kind access to Syracuse University College of Law students and graduates.

• Advance written notice must be received from the requesting student or graduate’s law school prior to establishing reciprocity. Please ask your students to wait for confirmation before contacting our office.

• Participation in our on/off-campus interview program is not included in our reciprocal agreement.

• Professional Development’s facilities and services are not available to your students and graduates between July 15 and November 15 of each year.

• Reciprocity will be granted for three months, starting from the date of the request, or until the dates stated above.

• Please direct all inquiries to:

Erica Gromny Volino, Office Assistant
Office of Career Services
Syracuse University College of Law
(315) 443-1941
Fax: (315) 443-3086