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Safe Space Campaign

safe space icon

Putting a "Safe Space" symbol on your door says, "I support those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and those who are questioning their sexuality." This is not an indicator of your sexuality, ut rather ensures that you are willing to provide a non-hostile environment to anyone in need.

Visitors are free to be themselves and will not be judged on

the basis of their sexuality. By displaying this symbol, you commit yourself to create a confidential and safe environment.

If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning your sexual identity, and see a "Safe Space" symbol on the doors of other students, Resident Advisors, professors, or administrators, it indicates that they have made their room or office into a safe

space. You should be able to talk with them about any sexuality issue. Your confidentiality will be maintained if you disclose information about yourself, that you wish to remain confidential.

The pink triangle symbol originated in Nazi Germany where an inverted pink triangle was used to denote a homosexual male in concentration camps. This symbol of discrimination and oppression has been adopted by many political activists, and serves as a very powerful reminder and incentive for change. It is representative o

f a move forward and is focused toward the right to be comfortable in one's living space, work environment, etc. It is focused toward the right to use the pronoun of significant other in conversation and the right to be as outwardly open about one's life and activities as anyone else.