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College of Law News

Professor Germain: SCOTUS Upholds Integrity of Security Markets By Broadly Defining “Personal Benefit” in Insider Trading

Wednesday 12/28/2016

On December 6, 2016, a unanimous Supreme Court decided that insiders who breach their fiduciary duties by making gifts of insider information to relatives or friends are guilty of insider trading under Section 10(b) of the 1934 Exchange Act. Salman v. United States (2016), available here.

Gregory Germain

Professor Helfman Writes on Gerrymander Cases

Tuesday 12/20/2016

Associate Professor of Law Tara Helfman has contributed the article “Is Gerrymander on its Way Out?” to Commentary Magazine.

Tara Helfman

Professor Crane Writes “Fatal Attraction – The International Criminal Court and Politics”

Wednesday 12/7/2016

Professor of Practice David Crane L’80 recently contributed a guest column to Jurist on the International Criminal Court and the role politics plays in seeking justice for victims.

Read the article here.

David M. Crane

Professor Helfman Writes on President-elect Trump and Potential Conflicts of Interest

Tuesday 11/22/2016

Associate Professor of Law Tara Helfman has written on the legal and Constitutional implications surrounding President-elect Trump’s potential conflicts of interest.

Tara Helfman

Professor Snyder Comments on U.S. Attorney General Nomination Senator Sessions

Friday 11/18/2016

Visiting Assistant Professor of Law William Snyder comments on the nomination of Senator Sessions for U.S. Attorney General

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