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College of Law News

Professor Doron Dorfman Reviews "Disability Admin: The Invisible Costs of Being Disabled"

Monday 6/28/2021

Recently, researchers and advocates have brought to light the extra financial costs of living with disabilities, or as some have called it the “crip tax” ...

Doron Dorfman

Professor Jenny Breen: SCOTUS' Latest Anti-Labor Ruling Goes Far Beyond Farm Workers

Friday 6/25/2021

In a ruling handed down Wednesday in Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid, the Supreme Court decided that agricultural workers do not have a right to meet with union organizers at their place of work ...

Jenny Breen

Professor Mark Nevitt: NATO’s Renewed Focus on Climate Change & Security—What You Need to Know

Wednesday 6/23/2021

Last week, the 30 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member States released two important security documents: the Brussels Summit Communiqué as well as a Climate Change and Security Action Plan. The Communiqué reaffirmed NATO’s pledge to its founding document, the 1951 Washington Treaty and stated that it is “firmly committed” to the treaty’s critical Article 5 collective self-defense provision ...

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Roy Gutterman L'00: Free Press Under Attack

Monday 6/21/2021

When news broke this May that the Department of Justice had secretly obtained telephone records and email data belonging to CNN’s Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr, it set off more alarms that press freedom has been under attack ...

Roy Gutterman

Professor Nina Kohn: Long-Term Care After COVID—A Roadmap for Law Reform

Friday 6/4/2021

Between May 2020 and January 2021, 94 percent of U.S. nursing homes experienced at least one COVID-19 outbreak. And nursing home residents — isolated from family and friends, dependent on staff often tasked with providing care to far more residents than feasible, and sometimes crowded into rooms with three or more people — succumbed the virus at record rates. By March 2021, nursing home residents accounted for a quarter of all U.S. COVID-19-related deaths ...

Nina Kohn

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