Event Scheduling and Room Requests

Rooms and Event Management

Requests to reserve space (including classrooms) must be made no later than 48 hours before the event.

This form is to be used to reserve rooms or schedule events in Dineen Hall.

Event Scheduling / Room Request

If you need to change the room assigned for your regular class, please contact the Office of Students Systems and Administration at lawstudentrecords@syr.edu, 315-443-1146.Syracuse University College of Law Guidelines for Reserving Rooms [PDF]

General Policy
It is the general policy of the College of Law that teaching spaces in Dineen Hall are primarily for academic use by College of Law students, faculty, administrators, and staff. However, spaces within Dineen Hall can be reserved for non-academic use by University groups and local/regional associations with College of Law approval.

Requests to reserve space (including classrooms) must be made no later than 48 hours before the event.

Dineen Hall will not be available for use by groups outside of Syracuse University without a sponsor. The sponsor MUST be a College of Law faculty or staff member.

  • Melanie Gray Ceremonial Courtroom (Room 020): This is a multifunctional space that can be configured as a full federal courtroom with a judge’s bench and jury box for hosting legal events such as oral arguments or ceremonial court trials. The space also serves as a general auditorium. With seating for up to 300, the location is suitable for special events such as symposia, lectures or large meetings. The room is furnished with a stationary and/or mobile podium and AV equipment. Assistive listening devices are available.
    Food and beverages are not allowed in the Gray Ceremonial Courtroom
  • MacNaughton Collaboratory (Room 130):This is a multipurpose space with flexible seating that is also suitable for staging receptions. For receptions, the maximum capacity is 100 guests; for seated dinners, the maximum capacity is 40 guests; and for meetings the maximum capacity is between 35 and 50 guest, depending on the configuration. The room is furnished with AV equipment.
  • Classrooms: Classrooms have seating capacities ranging from 35 to 120 guests. Classrooms have fixed configurations and are equipped with the latest technology to allow recording and/or interactive teaching.
  • Seminar Rooms: Seminar rooms have seating capacities ranging from 16 to 28 guests. The rooms have flexible seating configurations and are equipped with the latest technology to allow recording and/or interactive teaching.
  • Conference Rooms: These spaces are suitable for small meetings of up to 24 guests. The Goldfarb and Mastrianni conference rooms do not have built-in computers.

Rental fees have been established to help offset costs for basic wear and tear, room maintenance, furniture, carpeting and equipment, heating/air conditioning, etc.

Room reservations will not be approved or confirmed without a SU departmental ID from the event sponsor. Non-SU events will be billed by invoice.

SU departmental ID’s should be submitted to the College of Law sponsor with whom you are working to coordinate your event.

Additional costs for security, maintenance, technology, catering, and clean-up will be the responsibility of the event sponsor and will be directly billed to the sponsoring department or organization.

    • Rental Rates
Room Fee Seating Capacity
Gray Ceremonial Courtroom (020) $1,500 / event 300
MacNaughton Collaboratory (130) $1,000 / event Varies, see above
Classroom $500 / event 35-120
Seminar Room $300 / event 16 – 28
Conference Room
Bruckman Conference Room (222) $500 / day, $65 / hr 24
Hallenbeck Video Conference Room (300L) $750 / day, $100 / hr 16
Goldfarb Conference Room (332) $300 / day, $40 / hr 8
Mastrianni Conference Room (432) $300 / day, $40 / hr 8
  • Technology Fees Room rental fees include basic technical support. Technical support is limited to College of Law owned equipment. The College of Law does not provide laptops for events. In addition to the room rental fee, an event may also be charged a Technical Services fee if you require an operator to assist with technical support for the duration of your event. Staff operator support will be charged at a rate of $45 per hour. Specialized staff arrangements will be charged to the sponsor.

Rooms cannot be reserved more than 45 days prior to your event.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not applicable for events held in the Melanie Gray Ceremonial Courtroom, MacNaughton Collabratory or requests made by persons outside the College of Law.

Dineen Hall is open 7:30am- 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Dineen Hall is locked evenings, weekends and on holidays.

Dineen Hall is a secure building with controlled access. A security officer is stationed at the Irving Avenue front desk. Electronic turnstiles with ID card access are located at the Irving Avenue and Stadium Place entrances. If you are hosting an event with guests who are not affiliated with the College of Law, email a guest list to LawFacilities@syr.edu at least 24 hours before the event. Or, your organization must have a representative stationed at the front desk to admit guests into Dineen Hall. Guests must enter the main entrance on Irving Avenue.

Many rooms in Dineen Hall are controlled by electronic locks. Email LawFacilities@syr.edu to request electronic locks to be unlocked or to make arrangements with the College of Law Facilities office for rooms that require keys.

Keys must be returned immediately following the event unless other arrangements have been approved. If keys are not returned by the next business day or are lost, the event sponsor will be charged for the cost of replacement lock(s) and new key(s).

PLEASE NOTE: the person in charge of the event must pick up the key and be present throughout the duration of the event. Students will not be issued keys.

Publicity materials in any form (posters and flyers) are permitted only on electronic display signage throughout Dineen Hall. Posting on doors, windows and walls is strictly prohibited. Digital signage requests may be submitted to LawHelp@syr.edu for approval. For any special signage such as large banners or special displays, please email LawFacilities@syr.edu.

Please email LawFacilities@syr.edu for any event where refreshments are being served.

Food and beverages for non-College of Law events must be provided through Campus Catering, contacted at 315-443-3605. All costs for catering must be paid by the event sponsor.

College of Law-sponsored events with external catering will be charged a fee for after-event cleanup.

All reserved rooms must be returned to the pre-event condition and set-up prior to the next scheduled event, or before 8am the following day, whichever comes first. College of Law-Sponsored events with external catering will be charged a fee for after-event cleanup.

If a room is not returned to its pre-event condition, the event sponsor will be charged by the College of Law for fees/services incurred.

Event sponsors are responsible for payment of custodial services to perform set-up and breakdown of furniture and appropriate clean-up.

Arrangements for major setup or breakdown of space must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of your event. Please contact LawFacilities@syr.edu.

If your event is open to the public and more than 50 guests are expected, the sponsor is responsible for hiring a uniformed SU Public Safety Officer.


You will receive an email with the name and contact information of the officer that will be present during the entire event to restrict access to authorized attendees. After receiving your confirmation, please forward that email and your request for the doors (including unlock and lock times) to LawFacilities@syr.edu. Please make sure the requested times match the security officer’s hours. This request must be confirmed at least 3 days prior to the event.

Please contact LawFacilities@syr.edu if you have additional questions about building security.

Dineen Hall has a variety of audio/visual presentation technologies installed throughout the facility. Please contact the College of Law IT department prior to the event for training. Please indicate the required services needed on the reservation form.

The IT department can be reached either by phone 315-443-9561 or email LawHelp@syr.edu.

Irving Garage is the closest visitor parking garage and is next to Dineen Hall. To arrange special parking, please contact parking at parkmail@syr.edu or 315-443-4652.