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Professor William C. Banks Discusses Emergency Powers on ABA National Security Podcast

Friday 3/27/2020

William Banks is the Chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security Advisory Committee and a Distinguished Professor and Emeritus Professor at the Syracuse University College of Law and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, and the author of several constitutional law textbooks ...

William C. Banks

Professor William C. Banks: Martial Law Would Sweep the Country Into a Great Legal Unknown

Friday 3/27/2020

The last time martial law—military control of the government—was declared in the United States was December 1941, just hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ...

William C. Banks

Hon. James E. Baker Signs Letter Urging Use of the Defense Production Act

Thursday 3/26/2020

In a letter Wednesday, the former officials said the Defense Production Act was designed precisely because the private sector “lacks the ability to process incoming requests, prioritize the most urgent needs and coordinate with other companies absent more concerted government involvement.”

Hon. James E. Baker

Professor William C. Banks Helps Fact Check Martial Law Rumors

Thursday 3/26/2020

​... It has rarely been used in the U.S., said William Banks, professor of law at Syracuse University. The last time was in Hawaii, when martial law was instituted following the attack on Pearl Harbor …

William C. Banks

LA Times Quotes Hon. James E. Baker on COVID-19 & the DPA

Wednesday 3/25/2020

Jamie E. Baker, former legal adviser to the National Security Council and a professor at Syracuse University, said: “If there is a gap between voluntary production and what is needed, or anticipated to be needed, the DPA is the mechanism to close that gap” ...

James E. Baker

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