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College of Law News

Corri Zoli Interviewed by CNY Central About the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

Thursday 3/21/2019

“I think this is a kind of classic terrorist tactic that we’ve been seeing since you know 2010 at the least where ISIS and al-Qaeda. I remember in the Toulouse attacks in France, for instance, where they recorded the attacks against a Jewish school with a GoPro video” ...

Corri Zoli

Executive Education: Dean Craig M. Boise Quoted by InsideHigherEd

Monday 3/18/2019

Craig M. Boise, dean and professor at the College of Law at Syracuse University, said many law schools have been thinking in recent years about “how they can take their core product—understanding the law” to a wider market ...

Craig M. Boise

William C. Snyder Discusses Huawei as a Security Threat With The Verge

Monday 3/18/2019

“Huawei is a threat to US national security, but that misses the bigger point. Vulnerabilities in the supply chain of network hardware and software is, has been, and will continue to be a threat to the national security of the United States and many other countries ...”

William C. Snyder

Civility Expert Keith Bybee Speaks to NPR

Monday 3/11/2019

These days, the word civility can seem almost quaint. Do Americans even agree that it’s something to strive for? We explore what civility — and incivility — mean in polarizing times ...

Keith Bybee

William C. Snyder Discusses Police Brawl Case with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tuesday 3/5/2019

“The part that is most likely to be unlawful is the repeated punching of one civilian on the bar who cannot resist. It is hard to see how that is not criminal,” said William Snyder, a Syracuse University law professor and former assistant to the U.S. attorney general who spent 13 years as a federal prosecutor in Pittsburgh ...

William C. Snyder

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