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College of Law News

Houston Chronicle Interviews Professor Lauryn Gouldin About Bail Bonds

Monday 10/18/2021

“The way the bail bonds industry has become a significant piece … in jurisdictions is not really something I think of being anticipated in any laws anyway.”

Lauryn Gouldin

Professor Peter Blanck Addresses "Subminimum" Pay for Disabled Workers with Bloomberg

Wednesday 10/13/2021

“We’re at a novel time where people are looking for ways to reform the 14(c) program, and it’s not as simple as just raising the minimum wage for everyone,” Blanck said ...

Peter Blanck

USA Today Interviews Professor Nina Kohn About Conservatorship Reform in the Wake of #FreeBritney

Friday 10/8/2021

“Advocates have known for decades that our guardianship system is deeply flawed,” Kohn said ...

Nina Kohn

CBS News Speaks to Bankruptcy Expert Professor Greg Germain About Executive Bonuses

Friday 10/8/2021

Out of 7,300 companies that filed for bankruptcy last year, none asked for a judge’s approval for retention bonuses, the GAO found. Instead, many gave the bonuses beforehand. Congress can fix this by passing a new rule, Germain said ...

Greg Germain

Professor David Driesen Joins Climate Discourse Podcast to Discuss Democracy, Climate Challenges

Thursday 10/7/2021

In this episode of Climate Discourse, Kate speaks to David Driesen about his personal path from music to law, Donald Trump inspiring his new book on judicial enabling of presidential power, the intersection of economics and law and the contemporary challenges of climate policy ...

David Driesen

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