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College of Law News

Professor Roy Gutterman: Assaults on Press Freedom Endanger Democracy

Tuesday 5/11/2021

In 1991, a group of international journalists and press freedom advocates convened in Windhoek, Namibia, to forge a declaration for press freedom for media, governments and citizens around the world ...

Roy Gutterman

The Climate Challenge: Professor Mark Nevitt Interviewed by Yale Climate Connections

Monday 5/10/2021

“It’s a pretty clear-eyed objective report,” [Professor Mark] Nevitt said. “There’s five different themes on the first few pages. And climate change is right there with the global challenges, right there with technology, disruption, disease, financial crisis ...”

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Mark Nevitt Discusses Monitoring Military for Domestic Extremists in WaPo

Wednesday 5/5/2021

“Federal courts will likely provide a healthy dose of deference to the military if challenged, particularly if the military can link the new definition to the underlying military mission and good order and discipline.”

Mark P. Nevitt

Professor Greg Germain Comments to CBS News on NRA Bankruptcy Case

Wednesday 5/5/2021

The judge overseeing the case is likely to appoint an examiner to review whether the NRA had cause to file for Chapter 11, said Gregory Germain, a bankruptcy expert and law professor at Syracuse University ...

Greg Germain

The Washington Post Speaks to Professor Shubha Ghosh About Apple Anti-Trust Case

Tuesday 5/4/2021

“At some level, this is a run of the mill antitrust case, in the sense that the issues are fairly standard,” said Shubha Ghosh, a law professor at Syracuse University who focuses on antitrust issues. “Though the facts are unique, and the potential outcome could be very interesting for tech companies like Apple.”

Shubha Ghosh

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